Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Ive Been So Silly All These Years

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The train arrived at the station. Since it was a major station, there were throngs of commuters leaving and boarding the train.

Xuxu saw that there were new passengers coming on board, and she didn’t want to block the aisle. Hence, she turned around and went back into the room, closing the door behind her.

She took two steps forward and sat down on her bed.

“Xuxu, Xuxu…”

On the upper bed, Yan Rusheng was still muttering her name with a hoarse voice. She leaned sideways against the bed. She picked up her book, leisurely flipping it open.

“Miss, he is running a high fever and you still have the heart to read?”

The old lady couldn’t stand to watch it any longer when she saw that Yan Rusheng was in terrible agony.

Xuxu heard this, and she widened her eye. She coldly looked towards her direction.

When the old lady saw her cold and distant attitude, she didn’t continue talking. Instead, she got up and walked towards Yan Rusheng to feel his forehead. “My goodness, he’s really burning. What if he gets brain damage from the fever? He’s such a handsome chap, and if his brain gets damaged, he may not even know who his wife is.”

The old lady empathetically mumbled as she took the damp towel from the table. She proceeded to place it on Yan Rusheng’s forehead.

After that, she returned to her own bed and sat down.

She was still mumbling after she sat down. “The more I look at this fellow, the more I find him familiar. It’s as if I’ve recently met him.”

Meanwhile, Yan Rusheng was still murmuring without ceasing. “Water, Xuxu, drink water.”

Xuxu’s eyelids twitched, and she stopped flipping the pages of her book.

“Miss, since the two of you came together, can you give him some water?” The old lady couldn’t stand it any longer. She said to Xuxu, “My leg is painful, so I can’t climb up.”

Xuxu furrowed her eyebrows and looked at her cup on the table. Su Yan’s cup was next to hers.

She got up and picked up Su Yan’s cup. When she opened the lid, it was empty inside.

She poured the water from her cup into Su Yan’s cup. She stood up on her bed, placing one foot on the table.

As Yan Rusheng was facing the wall, Xuxu could only see the side profile of his face.

His hand was hugging the blanket, and his feet were dangling off the bed. Su Yan had also helped remove his socks earlier.

“Yan Rusheng!” shouted Xuxu before passing the cup of water to him.

There wasn’t the slightest response from the person on the bed.

She yelled at him once more. “Yan Rusheng!”

After waiting for a while, he was still unresponsive.

Xuxu stretched out one hand towards Yan Rusheng’s forehead. When her icy fingertips came into contact with Yan Rusheng’s forehead, he finally responded.

He reached out and grabbed hold of Xuxu’s hand. “Xuxu, Xuxu.”

He called for her as he turned his head. As he narrowed his charming peach blossom-shaped eyes, tears were seen glistening in his eyes.

Xuxu had the urge to immediately withdraw her hand, but to her surprise, Yan Rusheng held on tightly and refused to let go.

He pressed his burning face onto Xuxu’s hand and drowsily groaned, “Xuxu, I’m sorry to have let you suffered.”

“It turns out that you have always been the one, always been the one…”

‘You’ve always been the one I loved, and this never changed.’

“Yan Rusheng, let go of my hand,” howled Xuxu in a low voice. She could not withdraw her hand.

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng opened his eyes and looked straight at Xuxu’s tiny face. His eyes were bloodshot. “Xuxu, do you know that I’ve been so dumb?”

So dumb that he couldn’t tell two people apart. He even picked the wrong person.

Not only had he broken Xuxu’s heart and made her sad for so many years, but he had also been outright silly all these years.

“Let go of my hand.” Xuxu was emotionally unmoved by his words and instead, she tried to withdraw her hand with force.