Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Not A Bad Idea To Go About With One's Nose In The Air

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“Drink water.” Yan Rusheng let go of his hands and flipped over to lie on his back.

Xuxu placed the cup at his bedside. She then made her way back to her bed and sat down.

She leaned against the wall hugging her legs with both hands and looked out of the window.

“It’s him!”

The old lady suddenly shrieked in astonishment.

Xuxu got a shock and turned to look at her. She saw the old lady holding her cell phone in one hand while pointing to Yan Rusheng with her other hand. Her eyes sparkled with excitement and joy.

Xuxu hazarded a guess why the old lady had reacted that way. She must have read about Yan Rusheng, and when she saw his photos on the internet, she must have recognized him straight away.

She pressed her lips together.

“The medicine is here.”

Just then, Su Yan returned with two boxes of medicine. He was gasping for breath.

The train had also started to move off at the same time. Thankfully, he made it back to the train in the nick of time.

“Third Brother, take your medicine.” Su Yan poured the medicine onto his palm. As he was tall enough, he only needed to stand on tiptoe.

His towering figure blocked Xuxu’s view.

She lay sideways with her back facing them. She had no intention to bother about any other things.

To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t lose his temper nor hollered at them. Yan Rusheng took his medication cooperatively.

The train swayed back and forth. Xuxu narrowed her eyes, and her eyelids gradually turned heavy as the sky turned dark.

Su Yan was still worried for Yan Rusheng. He didn’t return to his own bed and sat at the edge of Xuxu’s bed while randomly scrolling on his cell phone.

“Young fellow, is this lady Xuxu?”

All of a sudden, the old lady sat up and moved to the edge of her bed as well. She sat opposite him while pointing to Xuxu.

Su Yan was startled. “How do you know?”

The old lady grinned. “My granddaughter loves to pay close attention to the news that involves the two of them.”

Su Yan was dumbfounded and merely laughed before lowering his head. She continued staring at his phone.

The old lady inched closer to him and deliberately lowered her voice. “What were they arguing about? That young lad was running such a high fever, yet she doesn’t seem to care about him.”

Su Yan was speechless.

This old lady was a real busybody.

He replied, “This is a way of flirting. Auntie, you won’t understand.”

Just in case the old lady asked further, he stood up and went over to feel Yan Rusheng’s forehead which a layer of perspiration covered.

Since he was young, he seldom catches a cold, and the number of episodes that he did could be counted on his fingers. But from the little experience that he had, he knew that when one started perspiring, it’s a sign that the fever was coming down and the person would be out of danger.

Hence, he heaved a sigh of relief. After he had gone to the bathroom, he climbed back to his bed.

However, there were certain matters that couldn’t be avoided no matter how much one tried to escape.

The old lady on the lower bed leaned against Su Yan’s bedside and stared at him. “Young man, what’s your name? How are you related to them? Why have I not seen you in the news before?”

Her questions came one after the other, just like a firing machine gun.

The corners of Su Yan’s mouth involuntarily twitched, and he was speechless.

Before Su Yan could respond, an impatient voice came from behind the old lady. “Old lady, you are very noisy.”

His voice was hoarse and sounded nasal as well.

When the old lady heard this, she turned her head just when Yan Rusheng flipped to the other side. His back was already facing her.

“Indeed, as what the rumors say. He has no manners!”

The old lady gave Yan Rusheng a fierce look of contempt before returning to her own bed.

Su Yan chuckled to himself.

He thought to himself, “Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to go about with one’s nose in the air, especially when dealing with a nosy old lady.”