Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 616

Chapter 616 It Seemed Like He Had Never Given Her

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‘What were they arguing about? That young lad was running such a high fever, yet she doesn’t seem to care about him.’

‘Ah Sheng, I’ve peeled the outer layer of the pill. Hurry up and eat your medicine.’

‘If it wasn’t for the fact that your whole body was burning, and that Grandmother would be devastated if you die from a high fever, do you think I would care about you?’

What had he done to make Xuxu so bitterly disappointed in him? What had he done all these years?

Thinking back, he had done so many things to hurt her.

It served him right that Xuxu doesn’t care about him. Xuxu wasn’t in the wrong.

After Yan Rusheng had snubbed the old lady, she quietly went back to her bed.

Silence fell on the carriage once more.The only sound echoing around was the sound of the train moving.

Yan Rusheng was perspiring all over, and he hasn’t had any food all day long. His head felt exceedingly heavy, so he held on to the hooks on the wall for support. He sat down and leaned against the wall.

There was only one lamp that switched was on, and it cast a dim light in the carriage.

Su Yan was facing the wall, he was hiding under the blanket to use his phone.

Yan Rusheng stretched his hand to reach for the bottle and at one glance, he knew it belonged to a man.

He twisted the cover and took a sip before gulping down the rest of the water.

His throat felt like it was being seared. He finally realized how thirsty he was after he finished gulping down the water.

He put the cover back and looked out of the window. Occasionally, the train would travel past lamp posts. The light briefly illuminated the loneliness and sorrow in his eyes.

His fever hasn’t fully subsided, and his hair and clothes were all wet with sweat.

He removed his woolen shirt and what remained was a thin shirt. He remained seated until Su Yan switched off his phone and went to sleep. Only then did he climbed down the bed.

After getting down the bed, the first thing he did was to glance at Xuxu’s bed.

His heart involuntarily jerked.

Xuxu had switched on a lamp and sat on her bed with her earphones. She sat cross-legged with her head resting against the head of the bed. She was staring out of the window.

Her dewy eyes slowly blinked. And as he watched her, he wondered what was on her mind.

“Xu…” Yan Rusheng was about to speak when he stopped himself.

In the end, he bent his head and turned around to leave the carriage. He silently shut the door after him.

He was the one who had brought this upon them. And now, it was simply an extravagant hope just to be near her.

Yan Rusheng went to the bathroom and washed his face. He returned to the carriage, but he remained outside the door. As he stood there, he peered out into the darkness.

After a short while, the broadcast announced that they were reaching the next stop.

Yan Rusheng went into their carriage after hearing the announcement.

Xuxu still sat in the same position. She was quiet as she stared out of the window. It made his heart ache.

All these years, she had been suffering in silence with all the joys and sorrows that he had brought on her.

No, was there even joy?

It seemed like he had never given her any.

He didn’t climb up his bed. Instead, he sat down at the edge of Xuxu’s bed. He quietly gazed at her as she gazed out of the window.

Sometime later, Xuxu removed her earphones and laid down to rest. Yan Rusheng remained seated as his eyes followed her.

The final station was at the capital city, and the announcement was made early. They reached the capital city at around dawn.

“Time to change ticket.”

The train officers abruptly opened their carriage door and yelled.

Xuxu had just fallen asleep when she was jolted awake. She gave a shudder, and Yan Rusheng was vexed with the train staff.