Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Then How Exactly Did Xuxu Survive All Those Years?

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Xuxu squeezed in between the crowd. “Excuse me.”

“Make way.” To her surprise, Yan Rusheng suddenly overtook and went ahead of her.

Xuxu was puzzled. She had tried so hard to do so, but he had parted the crowd so easily. It was as if the people had automatically paved a way for him.

Yan Rusheng went inside the bathroom and took out her toothbrush and toothpaste. Then he passed the items to her.

She kept her head bowed, received the items, and turned back to the direction of her carriage.

Yan Rusheng trailed after her, and they entered the room one after another.

After entering the room, Yan Rusheng instantly grabbed Xuxu’s cup. Before she could say a word, he left the room.

He filled it with hot water and placed it carefully on the table. “Be careful, it’s hot.”

Xuxu sat near the edge of the bed as she brushed her hair. Yan Rusheng watched her, and he suppressed an urge to speak to her.

In the end, he pulled out his luggage from under the bed. He took out his toothbrush and toothpaste and left for the bathroom.

Xuxu stared at the cup in a daze and frowned. Her eyes were swirling with complex emotions.


She heard someone pressing a camera shutter button, and it broke her train of thoughts. She raised her head and a face happily beamed at her.

“Good morning, Xuxu!”

Su Yan joyfully waved at Xuxu and with a quick movement, he jumped off his bed.

He bent to sit beside Xuxu and took out his camera to show Xuxu the photo he had taken earlier. “Look, he looks like a poor little”

Su Yan wasn’t that proficient in Chinese yet, and he took some time to recall the phrase he wanted to use. “Poor little tramp.”

He pointed at the screen with the photo of Yan Rusheng passing the cup to Xuxu. He shook his head and scorned him. “He doesn’t look like the President of Flourish & Prosper at all, nor does he have the air of a Third Young Master of the Yan family.”

He praised Xuxu and gave her a thumb up. “Xuxu, you’re too awesome. Even the old fellow is afraid of him.”

Old fellow?

Xuxu heard him. For a while, she was confused. She then hazarded a guess about the ‘old fellow’ he was referring to.

Su Yan wasn’t someone who would concede to defeat so easily or be manipulated by others, so how would he acknowledge a man who had let his mother down? Furthermore, he had never fulfilled his duty as a father.

She pressed her lips and didn’t respond.

The announcement rang once more when they were about to reach the final destination.

Yan Rusheng came back after washing up. He saw Su Yan sitting close to Xuxu and seemed to chat with her rather intimately.

A streak of jealousy and hatred flashed in his eyes.

Then he bent down and curled his lips as he mocked himself. This scene had made him jealous and angry? He was jealous?

Then how exactly did Xuxu survive these years?

“I’ll go wash up.” Su Yan hastily kept his camera when he saw that Yan Rusheng was back. He dragged his bag and took out his stuff.

After Su Yan left, Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were the only ones left in the room.

Yan Rusheng held his toothbrush and toothpaste in one hand and a food container in another. He had bought porridge.

“Xuxu, I bought porridge for you,” he said as he passed her the container.

Xuxu didn’t take it from him. Instead, she lightly replied, “I don’t feel like eating, thank you.”

She rose and packed her belongings.

She lifted her cup and poured the water away into the trash can before throwing it carelessly with the rest of the belongings.

Yan Rusheng heard the water being poured into the trash. He tightly clenched his fists to contain the surging pain in his heart.