Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Angry

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Yan Rusheng thought to himself, this was what he deserved, and he deserved even more punishment.

The train finally began to slow down as the announcements rang at repeated intervals. The announcements included gentle reminders and blessings.

Xuxu carried her bag and pulled her luggage. She was preparing to leave the carriage.

“I’m back.” Su Yan came back after washing up. He realized that Xuxu was all ready. He threw his belongings carelessly inside his backpack. Then he extended his hand without asking Xuxu and snatched her luggage away from her. “I’ll help you to carry. It’s crowded outside, be extra careful as your shoes are slippery. Watch your steps as you walk.”

His careful and deliberate reminders attracted Yan Rusheng’s attention. A crease appeared between his eyebrows as he cast a puzzled look at Su Yan.

Su Yan raised an eyebrow, and seem to throw it back at him.

He seemed to ask what happened.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes traveled to Xuxu’s tummy and recalled how she had puked earlier on. He stood there in deep thoughts.

Xuxu silently glared at Su Yan before snatching back her luggage back from him. She strode forward without hesitation and left the room without a second look.

“Oops. She is angry.” Su Yan shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

Yan Rusheng hastily darted after her and followed her closely. For fear of infuriating her, he kept a small distance away from her.

Throngs of commuters were leaving the train, and there were people alighting from other trains too. The air wasn’t that well-circulated underground.

A strong stench of some local produce, presumably salted vegetables, suddenly permeated the air.

Xuxu caught a whiff of the smell, and she became nauseated once more. She quickly covered her mouth and hastened her footsteps.

Yan Rusheng knew that she wasn’t feeling well, and he caught up with her with several big strides. “Xuxu.”

Xuxu continued to quicken her pace.

Yan Rusheng shot a swift look at her feet, and he became anxious and worried.

“Look! Isn’t that Flourish & Prosper’s President and his wife?”

“Oh my, it’s really them!”

“He is so handsome! Take a photo quickly!”

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng had frequently appeared on the news, so it wasn’t a surprise that someone would recognzied them in a public place. The crowd began to jostle and push their way towards them.

The people nearest to them started the ball rolling and began to whip out their phones.

Xuxu bowed her head, and her hand was still covering her mouth.

She hated these situations. Every time she was at a slightly crowded place, she would be thrown in the limelight when spotted.

Xuxu couldn’t control her nausea any longer when she reached the exit near the ticket counter. She sprinted to a trash can and started puking.

Actually, there wasn’t anything left in her stomach but this perpetual nauseous feeling made her constantly feel like throwing up.

She had experienced this some years ago…

Her energy had drained after throwing up and she couldn’t stand up by herself. She pressed her palm against the wall for support.

“Xuxu.” Yan Rusheng’s outstretched hand was about to hold Xuxu, but she instantly pushed his hand away.

Within those few minutes, he felt that she seemed to have shrunk once more.

He tried to get close to her again, but she rejected his help once again. Yan Rusheng was helpless. He knew that if Xuxu was adamant on refusing, it would have adverse effects if he tried to use force.


Two familiar figures strode towards her and gave her a warm welcome. It startled Xuxu, and it took several seconds before she could put a weak smile on her face. “Aunt Mu Li.”

Her eyes traveled to Yan Weihong who stood beside Mu Li. In a rather reproachful tone, Xuxu said, “Second Uncle Yan hasn’t made a full recovery. How can you make him travel so far in the morning?”

Mu Li grabbed her hand and smiled warmly. “We are here to fetch you.”