Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Ill Just Eat One

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Xuxu smiled and bowed her head. “I can take a taxi back home myself.”

“Stop standing here, let’s go.”

Yan Weihong spoke, and Xuxu didn’t dare to oppose him.

It was dawn, and the sky wasn’t even fully lit up, yet they had brought Second Uncle Yan to make sure she didn’t turn them down.

“Give me the luggage.” Mu Li took the luggage Xuxu was carrying, and she linked both of their arms.

They walked ahead while Yan Weihong and Yan Rusheng trailed after them.

“I knew this disaster would happen.” Yan Weihong stared at Xuxu as he berated Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng didn’t respond and quietly sighed to himself. Yes, he had caused this disaster!

Then he thought of something and cast a doubtful glance at Yan Weihong. “Why are both of you here?”

“Third Yan, you really need to pick up some tips from Su Yan in the area of coaxing and wooing girls. He is so much more thoughtful than you.” Yan Weihong smiled and pressed on. “He said that you were running a high fever, and Xuxu had been throwing up during the journey. So he called us late last night and asked us to send a chauffeur here.”

“But your mother understands Xuxu too well. She won’t get in the car if we send the chauffeur.”

Yan Rusheng nodded in comprehension.

If he was a thoughtful man, he wouldn’t be clueless about Xuxu’s feelings all these years. If he knew, they wouldn’t end up like this.

They had parked the car outside the train station, and it was a short distance away.

The chauffeur saw them coming and rushed to help them with their luggage.

Mu Li opened the door for Xuxu to get in first while she followed closely behind.

She was about to shut the door when Yan Rusheng stopped her from doing so just in time.

Mu Li glared at him. “You can take another car with Su Yan. This car is full.”

She shoved his hand away and shut the door after her.

She promptly instructed the chauffeur. “Set off.”

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows, feeling frustrated as the car sped off. This wasn’t something that a birth mother would do!

Xuxu felt extremely unwell during the ride and felt queasy again despite her stomach being empty. Her face was rather pallid.

She propped her head back on the seat and didn’t talk.

Mu Li noticed her and didn’t speak at all. She quietly placed a jacket over her legs.

The two cars entered the courtyard one after another. Xuxu bolted for the kitchen once she was in the house. She opened the fridge and found some tomatoes. After washing it, she began eating it hungrily.

Mu Li saw Xuxu eating the tomatoes as she walked out of the kitchen. She rushed to stop her. “Xuxu, this is too cold for your body, your stomach won’t be able to take it.”

Xuxu shook her head. “It’s fine. I’ll just eat one.”

She pulled a chair and sat down as she gobbled the tomatoes with relish.

Mu Li sat down on a chair next to her as her eyes sparkled. In a serious manner, she said, “Xuxu, tell me honestly. Are you pregnant?”

Her voice hinted excitement.

Xuxu paused and hesitated. She bent down and quietly said, “I’m not sure.”

With what she had experienced before, she could only hazard a guess. She wasn’t entirely sure.

“Xuxu…” Mu Li stopped mid way and took a deep breath. “No matter what happens, I hope that you will be happy. Everything else is not important. Our relationship will not be affected no matter what happens.”

Xuxu bowed her head and a warm current seemed to be coursing through her body.