Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 621

Chapter 621 Let's Settle The Divorce Papers

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Xuxu kept mum and ate the tomatoes in silence.

Aunt Zhang had cooked some porridge for her. After finishing it up, she went back to her room. She took a shower and then collapsed on the bed.

When she woke up, the sky was still dark.

She walked out of her bedroom and went to Yan Rusheng’s room. She knocked on the door.

No one responded, so she presumed that no one was inside. She turned the doorknob, and gingerly pushed the door.

The curtains were all drawn tightly, and not even a ray of sunlight could stream in. Xuxu switched on the lights.

She glanced inside the room and got a shock.

Buried underneath the blanket was a man. She could hardly see his head, and only a tuft of his hair could be seen peeking out from the blanket.

Xuxu deliberated for a moment before striding across the room.

She walked to the wardrobe and opened it as quietly as she could. She bundled up all clothes in a pile and took them out.

Then she shut the door gently once more.

A man’s husky voice sounded from behind. “Xuxu.”

Xuxu panicked and tried to leave quickly. The man swiftly jumped off the bed and hugged her from behind. “Xuxu, don’t go.”

Yan Rusheng buried his face near her neck and hair. His burning body startled Xuxu.

She used her elbow to shove him as hard as she could. “Yan Rusheng, let me go.”

Everyone should be asleep by now, and she didn’t want to wake anyone up.

Yan Rusheng was like a child as he wrapped his arms tightly around Xuxu’s waist. He began to act shamelessly. “Don’t go Xuxu. I know I’m in the wrong.”

Even though layers of clothing separated them, Xuxu could feel that Yan Rusheng’s temperature was exceptionally hot right at that moment.

She used all her strength and struggled once more, but it was to no avail.

She turned her head and her chin brushed against his hair. It annoyed her, so she admonished him. “Yan Rusheng, don’t behave like this. We’re both adults.”

“Xuxu, please don’t leave me alright?”

No matter what Xuxu said—no matter how harsh or bad her attitude was towards him—Yan Rusheng didn’t care. His hand wounded tightly around her, and he had refused to let her go.

He had let go of all his pride and arrogance and everything he used to care about.

Xuxu remained indifferent. Without blinking, she said to him, “Let’s get a divorce.”

She was so cold and distant. Every word from her mouth was like an icicle that mercilessly pierced through Yan Rusheng’s heart. He was really afraid of losing her, and so he tightened his grip once more. “Please don’t, Xuxu.”

“Yan Rusheng, I believe that you should know my character quite well,” continued Xuxu. She sounded unconcerned and cold. “Tomorrow morning, let’s settle the divorce papers.”

She threw the pile of clothes on the floor and pushed him again once more. With several big strides, she left the room.

Yan Rusheng knelt down in a daze as he stared at the fallen clothes. He began to pick them up one by one.

‘Yan Rusheng, I believe that you should know my character quite well…’

If he didn’t understand her well, why would he be so fearful and terrified?

Her obstinateness and persistence, how harsh she can be to herself, her unyielding determination—he had witnessed all of them.

When she snipped off her hair, her determination had culminated. It seemed impossible to reverse the situation.

But he could never let her go again.

A year or two. Perhaps one, two or three decades. Or possibly his entire lifetime.

Because the only one who could stand next to him was Xuxu. There would only be Rusheng with Xuxu around.

Yan Rusheng collected all her clothes and placed them back one by one into his wardrobe once more.