Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Youre Pregnant

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Yan Rusheng slightly curled his lips. A complicated smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

He intently gazed at Xuxu’s tiny figure.

At the hospital, the doctor looked at the lab test results as he adjusted his spectacles. He smiled at Xuxu. “The results show that you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy. As it’s still at the early stage of conception, the ultrasound scan won’t be able to detect the fetus yet. Come again next week for another scan.”

After that, she handed the test results to Xuxu.

Xuxu lowered her head and stared at the results. She pursed her lips and frowned. There were complex emotions imbued in her eyes.

“You’re pregnant. That’s great!”

Behind her, Mu Li couldn’t contain her joy. After her burst of excitement, she became worried. “Oh dear, it’s not good. I’m going to be a grandmother soon.”

Even Su Yue, who wasn’t fond of expressing her feelings, felt amused with her contradictory emotions.

The next moment, Mu Li looked at the doctor with a look of worry. “Doctor, each time she eats, she throws up. So, what should we do?”

Seeing Xuxu in that manner earlier in the morning, her heart ached.

The doctor replied, “This is a pregnancy symptom, and it isn’t a cause for concern. One might throw up after eating, but they may eat again after vomiting. This is normal for expecting moms.”

Mu Li nodded her head. “Okay, I got it. Thank you, doctor.”

The doctor smiled. She took out a pregnancy health booklet, after which she jotted down Xuxu’s response. She asked, “Is this your first pregnancy?”

Xuxu looked down and was slightly hesitant before answering lightly with an ‘Mm’.

Her hands on her laps clenched into ball of fists.

The doctor asked again, “For your subsequent prenatal examinations, do you intend to follow up at our hospital?”

Xuxu hesitated even longer this time.

She pursed her lips and remained silent. Mu Li inched towards her and whispered, “Xuxu, the hospital chief is my classmate, and this hospital specializes in this area. I suggest that you remain with them, but I’ll leave the final decision to you.”

Xuxu nodded. “Alright.”

Her tone sounded different from earlier. Her response was a straight-forward as if she had already arrived at a decision.

When Mu Li heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

After the checkup and settlement of paperworks, they left the hospital afterward as it had already been lunchtime.

Mu Li said, “Let’s go shopping together. I want to get presents for the two of you.”

“There’s no need to.” Xuxu shook her head and gently replied, “I really don’t need anything now. I want to visit grandfather as I’ve not visited him during the new year.”

Mu Li didn’t make things difficult for her. “Alright, let the driver send you there. I’ll take a taxi home with Yueyue.”

Without giving Xuxu the opportunity to reject, she proceeded to open the car door and shoved her in.

Xuxu didn’t reject either. She wound down the window and bade good bye to Mu Li and Su Yue. She then asked the driver to start the car.

In the car, she took out her cell phone and dialed a number. It was a number that wasn’t stored in her phone but was etched in her mind.

“Hello, two in the afternoon. I’ll wait for you to arrive…”

After that, she instantly hung up without waiting for the other party to respond.

From the car, Xuxu saw a ‘business as usual’ signage hanging at the door of her grandfather’s clinic. She chuckled and shook her head.

This old fellow was indeed dedicated to his work. It was only the 4th day of the month, and he had already opened his door for business.

She sighed. Perhaps he didn’t even rest during the new year holidays.

The car came to a steady stop. Xuxu smiled at the driver and said, “Thank you. You may go back first.”