Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Would He Still Be Able To See This Ever Again?

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How would Xuxu be so weak or frail? The most dangerous thing would probably be food or medicine…

She had been absentmindedly tapping her fingers on the table. She paused for a bit.

The old man was taken aback. “How did you know that your grandmother worked in the fields?”

Xuxu rolled her eyes at him. She then spun her head away from her grandfather with the intention of ignoring him.

Her words didn’t entirely assure the old man. “This society is still pretentious after all. So how could you not be?”

Xuxu closed her eyes and didn’t respond.

She finished her noodles. Xuxu comfortably settled herself on the deck chair afterward.

Every time she visited her grandfather, she would feel peaceful and contented after a meal—even if it was merely a bowl of rice.

Grandmother was no longer around, and this was the last place she could seek warmth from. Even though Aunt Mu Li and the rest of them treated her well, they were still different from a naggy elder.

Mu Li and Su Yue entered the house to find Yan Rusheng resting on the sofa with his eyes closed. His expression seemed rather despondent.

Mu Li walked over to him after removing her shoes. She sat down and started solemnly giving him a piece of advice. “Son, you’ve voiced out your suspicions about Xuxu’s character, and this had infuriated everyone including the Gods. Even I think that Xuxu shouldn’t forgive you. But on the account of my future grandson, I want to encourage you not to give up. The child is your hope, and it depends on what you do.”

Yan Rusheng heard his mom and his eyelids fluttered. Other than that, he didn’t respond.

A crease appeared between Mu Li’s eyebrows and she trudged on. “You have to cast your dignity and pride away. Be patient and abandon your fiery temper.”

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips as he listened intently to the huge clock in the living room. ‘Dong… dong…’

Two in the afternoon. I’ll wait for you to arrive…

She said that she would wait until he appeared. She was coercing him to agree to the divorce.

“Mother, what time is it now?” Yan Rusheng finally spoke.

Mu Li was bewildered as she blinked her eyes. She glanced at the clock before answering him. “One p.m., why did you ask?”

“I got it.” Yan Rusheng nodded and rose. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and slumped towards the staircase.

He went to his room and opened his wardrobe.

His blazers and shirts were all neatly arranged. His pullovers and sweaters were folded and placed in a pile. Xuxu had folded and arranged all these clothes, and he didn’t move them at all in her absence.

He pulled the drawer. Both their socks were all bundled up and placed together.

Would he still be able to see this ever again?

He randomly chose a pair and closed the drawer. Then he put on a shirt and a blazer.

He appeared well-groomed and suave as he descended the stairs.

“Third Brother, are you heading out?” Su Yue was about to head upstairs when she saw Yan Rusheng. She was curious to see him formally dressed.

It was the fourth day of the Chinese New Year. He didn’t have to go to work.

Yan Rusheng nodded vaguely and continued his descent. He walked past Su Yue without a word.

“Third Yan, where are you going to?” Mu Li found it weird that Yan Rusheng dressed so formally.

Actually, he normally dressed like that, but something felt off about him that day. His expression was solemn and serious.

Yan Rusheng lightly replied. “I’m going out for a short while.”

He didn’t stop.

Xuxu took a taxi to the Civil Administration Office. She stood at the bottom of a long flight of steps as she peered at the building.

It was a sunny and bright day, and the sun almost dazzled her eyes.