Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 626

Chapter 626 The Civil Administration Office Is Closed

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Xuxu used a hand to shield her eyes from the blazing sun. She took a deep breath and began her ascent.

Even though each of her footsteps felt heavy, there wasn’t a hint of hesitation.

After climbing a few more steps, she peered towards the entrance of the Civil Administration Office. She furrowed her eyebrows with a puzzled look.

‘Sh*t, where was everyone?’

‘Why was it deserted?!’

Xuxu didn’t give up, and she put her face against the glass door and peered inside. It was literally… empty.

A thought dawned on her. Today was… the fourth day of the Chinese New Year. Was it still a Public Holiday?

She whipped out her phone and checked on various search engines. She typed ‘Is the Civil Administration Office open on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year?’ The answers were unanimous: No.

Xuxu was frustrated and embarrassed. She had always regarded herself as someone who was meticulous and bright. Why did she forget about the public holidays during Chinese New Year?

Originally, she didn’t seem to realize that it was Chinese New Year. If she didn’t notice that the building was empty, it would have completely slipped her mind that it was still Chinese New Year.


A familiar voice belonging to a man sounded. Xuxu glanced towards the direction of the voice and saw Yan Rusheng was walking towards her.

He was formally dressed in a suit, and he had put on a black coat. He looked clean and well-groomed.

He stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked, and the sunshine enveloped Yan Rusheng entirely. The sunshine seemed as though it was bribed to make him glisten and dazzle.

Xuxu softly replied, “I forgot that today is the fourth day of Chinese New Year. The Civil Administration Office is closed.”

The news secretly thrilled Yan Rusheng. “That’s great.”

He was over the moon.

Great! It had slipped his mind that today was the fourth day of Chinese New Year. Why would the Civil Administration Office be open?

Xuxu was dumbfounded…

“Another day then.” Xuxu bent her head as she softly spoke.

Without hesitation, she walked past Yan Rusheng and descended the stairs.

Yan Rusheng turned around and followed her. “Are you going home?”

Xuxu didn’t respond to Yan Rusheng’s question as she stared at her feet.

Even though it was a sunny day, there was still a light breeze. It seemed to ruffle Xuxu’s locks and made it dance.

Every time Yan Rusheng’s saw Xuxu’s hair, his heart would throb with pain as though something invisible attacked it.

Xuxu was quiet and so was Yan Rusheng. He walked a step behind her without a word.

It was by the roadside that Yan Rusheng parked his car, where Xuxu also had to flag a taxi.

Xuxu extended her hand to flag down a taxi. Yan Rusheng interrupted and gestured to his car. “Xuxu, where are you going to? I’ll send you there.”

Whenever he spoke to her, it was as if he would deliberate for a while. He would carefully phrase his words before speaking, as well.

He thought, “This must be love. When a couple has an argument, they would take the initiative to apologize and try their best to coax the other party. Neither of them should remain proud, and wait for the other party to admit their mistake.”

“It’s fine,” Xuxu replied curtly and just then, a taxi stopped in front of her.

She got in and shut the door.

Yan Rusheng watched her as she went into the taxi. He was still quite happy even though her attitude remained the same.

He was relieved that it was the fourth day of Chinese New Year and that the Civil Administration Office was closed. He was happy that they didn’t sign the divorce papers that day, and he felt comforted that Xuxu was still his wife. She was still his official as his spouse.

He felt that heaven was on his side and had given him another chance for him to make things right.

He opened his car door and started the engine as he raced after the taxi in front.