Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 627

Chapter 627 A Change Of Environment A Change Of Mood

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From now on, he would chase after Wen Xuxu. Just like the Chinese idiom ‘xuxu rusheng’, Xuxu was placed in front while Rusheng was at the back.

Xuxu returned to the house and she heard sounds in the living room. After removing her shoes, she peeked her head from the front door and glanced inside.

Yan Weihong and Mu Li were sitting on the sofa watching TV. Yan Weihong held the fruit platter while Mu Li ate.

Occasionally, Yan Weihong would feed Mu Li with a piece of fruit.

She had witnessed these scenes often. Second Uncle Yan was known for loving and doting on Aunt Mu Li.

“Aunt Mu Li, Second Uncle.” Xuxu entered and shot them a bright smile.

“Xuxu, you’re back. Come and have some fruits.”

In the past, with Mu Li around, Yan Weihong doesn’t usually speak. And there weren’t many opportunities for him to talk as well.

But today, to Xuxu’s surprise, it was Yan Weihong who spoke first. He gestured to the fruit platter as he smiled at Xuxu.

Madam Mu Li gave a furtive glare at the man beside her.

All men were the same. They would forget about their wives when they have their grandchildren.

She took a piece of fruit and popped it inside her mouth. Then she beckoned to Xuxu. “Xuxu, come over.”

Xuxu sat down beside Mu Li, and the latter carefully chose a pear from the platter for her. “You have to eat more fruits. From tomorrow onwards, I’ll make sure you have chicken soup and bird nest porridge to eat every day. Look at how skinny you are.”

Xuxu shyly smiled.

Her relationship with the Yan family wasn’t just simply tied to Yan Rusheng. With Mu Li, she felt as though she was her daughter.

Yan Rusheng opened the door and entered the living room.

It startled Yan Weihong and Mu Li when they saw him. They glanced at Xuxu, looking puzzled.

They don’t understand why they came back together.

Xuxu looked at Mu Li and Yan Weihong and softly spoke, “Aunt Mu Li, I have something to tell both of you.”

She seemed rather nervous and apprehensive as though she couldn’t bring herself to say the words.

Mu Li observed her, though her smile remained unchanged. “Just say it.”

Xuxu solemnly said, “I intend to move back to my own apartment.”

She said it bluntly and in a forthright manner.

Mu Li smiled in response. “That sounds good. A change of environment, a change of mood.”

She stretched her hand and gripped Xuxu’s shoulders as though she was silently giving her encouragement and support.

Xuxu heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing her response. It comforted her. “Thank you, Aunt Mu Li.”

But deep down, she knew that she wasn’t really whole-heartedly supporting her, neither was she on the same side as her. She knew that Mu Li wasn’t supportive of her getting a divorce.

She may appear to be insensitive and loud sometimes, but Xuxu could never beat her in terms of craftiness and wit.

She couldn’t understand what was on her mind and what she was ‘plotting’.

“Do you have anything to pack?” Mu Li continued, “I’ll help you. I can send you there as well. When do you intend to leave? Your apartment hasn’t been occupied for quite some time. I can go over and help you tidy the place.”

Yan Weihong had a sudden impulse to punch his wife when he saw how enthusiastic and supportive she was of their daughter-in-law moving out.

He felt that no matter what the circumstances were, to allow his pregnant daughter-in-law to move out wasn’t right. She had no one to take care of her and it isn’t safe.

He wore a smile. He spoke, “Xuxu, it’s inconvenient for you to move out and stay alone by yourself. Aunt Zhang is at home, and we are here too. All of us can help to take care of you.”

He quietly slipped his hand towards Mu Li’s back and pinched her hard.

Madam Mu Li frowned and shot him a murderous glare.

This old fellow was too realistic. For the sake of his grandchild, he had used force on her. True enough, a man does indeed place more importance and emphasis in their future generations and carrying their family line.