Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 628

Chapter 628 Unless The Boss Is A Fool

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Xuxu pretended not to have seen the couple passing furtive glares to each other. She gently nodded and hummed. “I’ll leave this afternoon.”

Mu Li quipped, “Sure. Go ahead and pack your belongings. I’ll arrange with the chauffeur.”

She stood up and walked towards the door.

Xuxu rose too and then left for the stairs.

Yan Rusheng watched Xuxu. He opened his mouth soundlessly several times, but he couldn’t utter the words he wanted to say.

He told himself that it was alright. Just like what Mu Li had said, as long as he didn’t give up.

Xuxu dragged two pieces of luggage from her room that she already packed last night.

At the staircase landing, she bent over and was about to carry her items of luggage down the staircase.

Yan Rusheng spotted her and scurried towards her. “Xuxu, let me do it.”

This time around, he didn’t wait for Xuxu and snatched her luggage from her. And in a blink of an eye, he quickly descended the stairs.

Madam Mu Li stood downstairs as she quietly observed them. The corners of her mouth curled with satisfaction.

This wretched son didn’t disappoint her after all.

It had been a month since she last stepped into her apartment. There was a layer of dust everywhere, and it was stuffy since all windows were closed.

Xuxu changed into her bedroom slippers before opening the windows.

Mu Li dragged the pieces of luggage and trailed after her. It was the first time she went over to Xuxu’s apartment. He eyes wandered around to survey the entire place.

She saw the wall opposite of the couch and stared at it with curiosity at the back of her mind. She walked over to the door which connected Xuxu’s apartment with the one beside it. She inspected and sized up the apartment next door.

She couldn’t understand it and frowned. “Xuxu, what kind of design is this? Why is your unit connected to the apartment next door?”

The apartment next door had some simple furniture, and the rest of the space was empty. Her voice echoed around the entire house.

“Yan Rusheng bought that unit,” casually answered Xuxu as she tied an apron around her. She then walked out of the kitchen.

She held a rag in her hands and cleaned the table.

Mu Li heard her and secretly grinned as she turned her face away. But when she turned around to face Xuxu once more, she immediately wore a rather aloof expression. She snorted. “I’ll find someone to seal that door this afternoon. We need to prevent that fellow from moving in and sneaking into your house.”

Xuxu bowed her head and smiled without speaking. She was rather amused.

She knew that Aunt Mu Li was hinting at her that Yan Rusheng would move in soon.

Mu Li walked over and took the rag from her hands. “Go take a rest. I’ll clean up.”

Xuxu straightened her back as she stuffed her hands into the pockets of the apron. “Why are all of you so uptight? I’m not so frail or delicate! Many pregnant women carried on working until they gave birth.”

Mu Li became sensitive at the mention of the word working . Her hands stopped moving, and then she looked at Xuxu in all seriousness. “I have to let you know. Don’t even play with the idea of going out to work. Regardless of what is going to happen, the child inside your stomach is my grandchild. It has nothing to do with Third Yan.”

Xuxu bit her lips. Indeed, she had revealed her thoughts with just a casual sentence.

She remained silent, and Mu Li was even more certain of her hunch. A crease appeared between her eyebrows. “Those pregnant women had to work because they had no choice. Our family isn’t like them. We can afford to support you. If your grandmother was around, she wouldn’t agree with you working as well.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded…

She used grandmother as her tactic since Mu Li was certain that Xuxu won’t go against grandmother.

Mu Li suddenly sighed. “Anyway, no company would hire you since you’re pregnant. Why would they allow a new employee to go for confinement leave shortly after they’ve confirmed the person? Unless, of course, the boss is a fool.”