Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Made Her Look Younger By A Few Years

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She slumped beside the toilet bowl as she flushed the toilet. She turned melancholic as she listened to the flushing sounds.

Her symptoms were exactly like what she had experienced years ago. At that time, she had thrown up everything she ate.

She experienced such agony, but it filled her heart with anticipation and excitement. She was looking forward to bringing up her child alone.

‘Ding dong.’

The doorbell rang again. After rinsing her mouth, Xuxu left the bathroom. She didn’t speak and instead, wrenched the door open.

No one was in sight. When she glanced to the floor, there was a huge bag of fruits.

She didn’t immediately shut the door this time around, and instead, she leaned against the door frame as she entered a daze with her focus set on the fruits. After a while, she retreated into her house and closed the door.

Xuxu felt she was like an animal hibernating in the winter as she huddled on the couch watching TV. Earlier on, she ordered plenty of snacks and fruits online.

She would take a nap when she felt sleepy. When she was awake, she would either read or watch TV.

This was her first time living like that, and it didn’t seem as boring as she had thought it would be.

She wondered if it was because she was pregnant.

At night, Xuxu climbed into her bed with a book. She could still hear a man coughing, and it seemed more serious than the other day.

The coughing sounds distracted her.

So she decided to switch off the lights and draw the blanket over her. After tossing for some time, she finally fell asleep.

Xuxu could have slept a while more if she hadn’t received a call. She glumly furrowed her eyebrows and stretched her hand to grab her phone.

Her eyes remained shut as she picked up the call. “Hello…”

Her sleepy voice gave away that she was still half-asleep.

A tinkling and resounding voice admonished her. “You are getting lazier. It’s already almost afternoon, and you’re still asleep!”

It was Zhou Shuang, and it jolted Xuxu awake. She turned her body and sat up. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and slowly.

She frowned and was still upset with her for disturbing her sleep. “Stupid girl, why did you call?”

She guessed that she had nothing important. She only probably had called to ask her out.

Zhou Shuang quipped, “I heard that you’re back from your trip? Let’s meet?”

As expected…

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth slightly twitched. “I’m not heading out. But if you insist, then you can come to my place.”

Every time she went out with her, a disaster would happen without fail.

Actually, she wasn’t afraid of meeting her outside. She was just feeling sluggish and lazy. Every part of her body seemed to be in an idle mode, and she didn’t even feel like leaving her bed.

Zhou Shuang happily agreed. “Sure, then it’s fixed. I’ll come over to your place for lunch. Cook a yummy feast for me.”

She immediately hung up.

Xuxu seemed jolted awake once more when she realized that she had hung up.

What did she say? She was coming over for lunch? And she was waiting for a feast?

This woman really made her speechless with her cockiness. How dare she instruct a pregnant woman to cook for her?

Xuxu put her phone down. She lazed for a while more before getting up. She drew her curtains—a habit she always does every morning.

It was a bright and sunny day as she stood by the windows admiring the scenery outside. She put out her hands to do a bit of stretching.

Her short hair, coupled with the cute pajamas she had on, made her look younger by a few years.

The man next door was dreamily staring at her through the windows. An affectionate smile flitted across his face.

Xuxu faced the mirror as she brushed her teeth. She felt nauseous once more, but not as bad as yesterday.