Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Did She Also Do The Same?

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She took a glance at it and shut her door.

Zhou Shuang called to say that she would arrive at her place during lunchtime. She felt bad that she didn’t prepare lunch for her yesterday, and it just so happened that she wished to drink some soup.

Hence after breakfast and all the puking, Xuxu changed into a new set of clothes and got ready to visit the supermarket to buy some groceries.

There was a huge supermarket about three bus stops away and the bus leaves from the entrance of her district. Xuxu estimated the time to leave her house and when she would arrive at the entrance. The bus did arrive just in time.

With bustling energy, she hurried up the bus. As there were no available seats, she found a less crowded place to stand.

Early in the morning, old men and women, who had grocery bags on their hand, would crowd the supermarket bus. Everyone would be enthusiastically discussing the prices of eggs and vegetables sold in the supermarket.

Just when the bus door was about to close, a tall figure suddenly dashed in.

All the elderly men and ladies in the bus, including Xuxu, shifted their gaze towards the man.

The man was impeccably dressed in a suit. His gorgeous face was glowing with vigor and elation. At that instant, he became a bright and dazzling star amongst the bus of old folks.

He got up the bus and walked straight to Xuxu.

When he stood beside her, a familiar scent of faint perfume assailed Xuxu’s nose.

She looked down and noticed the pair of shiny leather shoes on his feet.

He was holding on to the safety handle with one hand, and instead of shoving the other hand into his pocket, like the usual, it hung loosely next to his thigh.

The bus came to a stop when it arrived at the next bus stop. As more people crowded the bus, everyone briefly swayed when the bus pulled to a stop.

“Xuxu, be careful.” Yan Rusheng stretched out his long arm to hold on to her, protecting her.

With more people boarding the bus, space was getting tighter, both their bodies pressed closer together.

Xuxu lowered her head and pressed both hands on his chest to shove him away, but it was to no avail. People around them kept swaying to and fro.

“Don’t move because I’m afraid that you will be squished.”

The man’s gentle voice sounded above her.

Xuxu tugged at his shirt and lowered her eyes, her eyelashes lightly quivered.

Yan Rusheng looked down at with tenderness in his eyes. There was also a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

When they arrived at the supermarket, Xuxu pushed the trolley around. Yan Rusheng, who was also pushing a trolley, trailed behind her. They were only less than two meters apart.

He deliberately slowed down his steps so that he could look at Xuxu’s tiny figure from behind.

In the past, when they were walking together, he was always walking faster than her. He had never once seriously admired her back view.

Back then, did she also do the same, watching him from behind?

Whatever Xuxu placed in her trolley, Yan Rusheng also took the same. Hence, during payment, their identical bills caught the attention of the cashier.

The young cashier lifted her head in surprise. When she saw Yan Rusheng’s face, her cheeks turned beet red instantly. Her eyes brightly sparkled. “Third… Third…”

“Shh!” Yan Rusheng placed his index finger to his lips and made a ‘silent’ action to the cashier, signaling to her to lower her voice. After that, he took out his credit card and handed it to her. “Quick.”

He turned back and looked at Xuxu who was carrying two big bags of groceries and was almost reaching the lift lobby.

After paying the bill, Yan Rusheng immediately caught up with Xuxu. He held his groceries bags with one hand and grabbed Xuxu’s shopping bags over from her. He shouldered all the weight for her.