Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 635

Chapter 635 They Become Cheap When Used On Your Body

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Xuxu raised her head and looked at him. As they were in the elevator, she didn’t put up a struggle.

When they stood in the elevator, they made an impressive sight that people whipped out their cellphones and snapped away.

Actually, while they were in the supermarket earlier, many had already taken notice of the couple and deliberately trailed after them.

Even though Xuxu disliked it, she had already gotten used to it.

Since they were just taking a snapshot and not doing anything with it.

When they stepped out of the lift, Yan Rusheng immediately let go of his hand. As usual, they walked, one following the other.

The woman was cool-headed and graceful, while the man looked suave and an epitome of grace and elegance.

“Zhou Shuang!”

As Zhou Shuang was walking out of the lift with her head lowered, a man’s creepy voice called out to her from the front.

She raised her head and saw a man’s towering figure right in front of her. Instinctively, she stepped backward and glared at Yan Rusheng’s gloomy yet handsome face. “Hey, Yan Rusheng, what are you trying to do?”

“You come over.” All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng stretched out his hand and grabbed hold of Zhou Shuang’s arm. He dragged her into his house without exerting much effort.

Following that, he slammed the door hard after him, and then he let go of Zhou Shuang.

“What are you doing? What are you doing?” Zhou Shuang hugged her arm tightly and looked vigilantly at Yan Rusheng. “Is this your apartment?”

Yan Rusheng coldly furrowed his eyebrows. “Any problem?”

Without giving Zhou Shuang an opportunity to speak, he pushed her from the back and shoved her into the bathroom. Pointing to the basin, he spoke to her with a commanding tone. “Wash away all the thick powder and colors on your face. Also, think of ways to get rid of the perfume on your body.”

“What?” Zhou Shuang knitted her eyebrows. “Why must I listen to you?”

This chap is a pervert. What has her makeup got to do with him?

Yan Rusheng pointed at her and he fiercely warned, “If anything goes wrong with my son, then be prepared for your body to be chopped into pieces and thrown into the Pacific Ocean to be fed to the sharks.”

“What, what?” Yan Rusheng’s words made Zhou Shuang dumbstruck. “What do you mean your son? What has your son got to do with me?”

Puzzled, she blankly stared for a while before asking, “No, since when do you have a son?”

Without waiting for Yan Rusheng to reply, she carried on speculating. “You have an illegitimate son?”

Yan Rusheng’s face darkened, but he reminded himself not to be bothered by this female hooligan’s intelligence. There were only a few women who could match up to Xuxu’s intellect.

It seemed that Xuxu didn’t reveal her pregnancy to this female hooligan.

After mulling over it, he added, “Xuxu is pregnant. Your body is loaded with harmful chemicals, and you need to wash them off. Or else, don’t even think of stepping into her house.”

Hearing this, Zhou Shuang buried her head in her hands and gasped in astonishment. “Oh my goodness, that fellow is pregnant.”

Yan Rusheng didn’t want to waste further breath on her. He turned on the tap and said, “Zhou Shuang, in the future when you meet her, you are not allowed to put on makeup and especially your perfume. It’s cheap and pungent.”

“Go to hell. These are international luxury brands.” Although Yan Rusheng’s words annoyed Zhou Shuang, she felt that he had a point too.

Indeed, pregnant women shouldn’t come in contact with cosmetics. Hence, she had them washed off.

Otherwise, this fellow won’t allow her to step into Xuxu’s house.

She was aware that Yan Rusheng was capable of causing her to be unable to make a living in the capital city; hence, there was nothing she could do.


Yan Rusheng looked at her with contempt. “They become cheap when they’re used on your body.”

“You are spouting gibberish.” Zhou Shuang raised her head and glared at Yan Rusheng with a wet face.

Yan Rusheng ignored her. He turned around, walked to the bags of groceries, and took out a small box. He returned to the bathroom and handed it to Zhou Shuang.