Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 636

Chapter 636 You Look Better Without Makeup

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Zhou Shuang received it and took a glance.

The words ‘makeup remover’ made her burst out laughing. She looked at Yan Rusheng and teased, “Eh, Yan Rusheng, you are really thoughtful.”

Yan Rusheng clenched both fists and viciously gnashed his teeth. If he won back Xuxu’s heart one day, he would definitely kick this female hooligan out of Xuxu’s life.

‘Ding dong, ding dong!’

The doorbell incessantly rang, and Xuxu hurried out of the kitchen. “Coming, coming.”

Other than Zhou Shuang, no others would ring the doorbell in that manner.

With a spatula in one hand, Xuxu opened the door. Without a doubt, Zhou Shuang was standing at the door.

And she was visibly startled. “Eh?”

As Xuxu fixed her eyes on Zhou Shuang’s face, Zhou Shuang instinctively reached for her face and frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Out of curiosity, Xuxu asked, “Why didn’t you put on makeup today?”

From what she remembered, this fellow would never leave home without her makeup, yet she was barefaced.

At the mentioned of her makeup, Zhou Shuang fumed and replied with annoyance in her tone. “Tch, it’s your man’s fault.”

Her man’s fault? It bewildered Xuxu. “What do you mean?”

Of course, she knew that the ‘man’ Zhou Shuang was referring to was Yan Rusheng.

Zhou Shuang spoke resentfully, “I came with makeup, but when I reached your doorstep, he pulled me into his house. He commented that my makeup and perfume were full of chemicals and would bring harm to his son. If anything were to happen to his son, he would throw me into the Atlantic Ocean to feed to the sharks.”

She curled her lips and continued, “I forgot which ocean he was referring to, but it was a vicious threat from him, anyway.”

Hearing this, Xuxu got rid of all the expression on her face and calmly replied with an ‘oh’. After that, she turned around and went back to the kitchen.

Zhou Shuang followed behind her and queried, “Why didn’t you tell me that the person living next door was Yan Rusheng? Huh?!”

Xuxu remained silent and Zhou Shuang asked again. “The big bag of snacks yesterday was from Yan Rusheng, right?”

At the mention of that bag of snacks, Xuxu secretly stole a grin.

Even though it was a secret grin, the hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth didn’t escape Zhou Shuang’s eyes.

Zhou Shuang walked to Xuxu’s back and smacked her hard on her head. “Wretched lass, how dare you to trick me? I was wondering why that pretentious guy surveyed the contents of the bag I carried yesterday.”

Hearing this, Xuxu couldn’t control her laughter. She said that she didn’t do it on purpose, and also didn’t expect her to bump into him.

“Actually, you look better without makeup.”

What she said was the truth. She couldn’t understand why Zhou Shuang had to put on heavy makeup all the time. Although she was an average-looking woman, she had a fair complexion, a pair of big bright eyes, a tiny face and good features.

Her heavy make-up face made one grow weary of looking at her. So, it’ was so nice to see her in her bare face. It was so refreshing and ladylike. Not only did she look soothing to one’s eyes, but she would also definitely feel comfortable to have around, too.

She had used makeup before, hence the layer of powder and various chemicals on her face indeed made her feel unbearable.

Zhou Shuang looked down and leaned back against the wall.

She pouted and angrily spoke, “I’ve dated a guy when I was studying still studying overseas. In the end, he left me for an older woman.”

Although she didn’t continue further, Xuxu could roughly guess what she was driving at.

Zhou Shuang came from a wealthy family. So if she fell for a man, it wouldn’t be because of money. Hence, the man must have left her for the other woman because of the older woman’s charm, not her wealth.