Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 639

Chapter 639 You're Carrying Twins

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Mu Li saw her and seemed to find her rather pitiful. “Maybe you should sleep a while longer. We can go in the afternoon.”

Xuxu refused. “It’s alright. I’ll wash up now.”

She walked to the bathroom.

When she came out, Mu Li had prepared milk and bread for her.

Before eating breakfast, she took out a tomato from the fridge.

She ate both tomato and a slice of bread at the same time. Mu Li thought the tomato, which Xuxu had taken out from the fridge, was too cold. She frowned and lightly chided her, “Xuxu, why do you like eating such cold tomatoes? You’ll get a stomachache if you eat it first thing in the morning.”

Xuxu didn’t look at her but continued munching on her tomato. She quipped, “It’s fine. That time I…”

Mu Li eyed her suspiciously. “What do you mean by that time?”

“Nothing much.” Xuxu realized that she had a slip of tongue. So, she casually brushed it aside. She instantly diverted the topic. “Shouldn’t we register before heading there for a checkup?”

It was a smooth transition to a different topic. Even the shrewd Mu Li didn’t realize that Xuxu led her along. “We don’t need to. President Wang has helped us to register in advance so we can go there any time. We don’t need to queue for the ultrasound scan as well.”

Xuxu nodded after hearing her. She then grinned with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “It’s good to have connections.”

“Hurry up and drink your milk.” Mu Li affectionately smiled at her and she rose. “I’ll help you tidy your room.”

She turned around almost instantly.

Xuxu saw how adamant she was and so she didn’t protest.

Mu Li heard the doctor’s diagnosis, and she scrutinized the results of the ultrasound scan in disbelief. It overwhelmed her with excitement.

“Doctor, are you saying that our Xuxu is carrying twins?”

The news was simply too exhilarating. She felt light-headed as though she was in a dream.

The doctor seemed affected by her excitement and he smiled brightly. “Yes, you heard me correctly. It could either be both boys, both girls or even a girl and boy.”

Twins… a girl and a boy…

Mu Li grabbed Xuxu with her emotions bursting. She hugged her. “Oh my god! This is wonderful! Our Xuxu is really capable.”

The man standing outside was listening to the conversation with excitement when he felt slightly indignant when he heard Mu Li’s compliments.

Hmph! Clearly, it was her son who was capable.

He was going to be a father of two children.

The corners of his mouth unconsciously curled as he visualized a happy scene. He was really overjoyed… and ecstatic.

“Hello, Old Yan. I have a great piece of news for you.”

“Xuxu is carrying twins!”

“Certainly. How can the ultrasound scan results be wrong?”

“Take note of your blood pressure. I need to get going, we’ll talk tonight.”

“Hello, is this President X? Have you approved my retirement request?”

“I’m anxious because my daughter-in-law is pregnant with twins. I need to take care of her.”

“Haha, thank you for the well-wishes. Same goes to you.”


Madam Mu Li made several phone calls in the car. She was broadcasting the news that her daughter-in-law was pregnant with twins.

She was flaunting how blessed she was to have a daughter-in-law and future grandchildren. To put it plainly, she was boasting to everyone she knew.

Xuxu rested her head against the car window. She grinned with amusement as Mu Li made another call.

Mu Li had clearly promised her that Xuxu would have nothing to do with Third Yan. But when she introduced her to others, she kept mentioning that Xuxu was her daughter-in-law.

Mu Li wanted Xuxu to move back with her for a few days, but Xuxu rejected.

So, Mu Li sent Xuxu over to her grandfather’s clinic. It had been some time since Xuxu went out, so she stayed at the clinic until it was already late at night.

Grandfather said, “Let Qi Lei send you home.”

Xuxu shook her head. “I can go home myself. It’s just a short distance away. Besides, Qi Lei must be tired after a long day.”