Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 643

Chapter 643 Happy Like A Child

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Xuxu knew the man had splashed the boiling soup on Yan Rusheng’s back, and she could feel that he flinched earlier on because of the pain.

Yan Rusheng intentionally slowed down. If he stole glances sideways, he could see the tiny woman behind him.

Both of them didn’t speak a word along the way.

Yan Rusheng opened the electronic gate outside their building by swiping his card. He held the door open for Xuxu to enter first.

He trailed behind Xuxu after she had walked ahead, and his eyes were glued to her back. His heart already softened at the sight of her.

Yan Rusheng hastened his footsteps once more when they reached the building. He opened the door for Xuxu to allow her to enter first.

Xuxu paused her footsteps outside the entrance, and she briefly glanced at Yan Rusheng before entering.

The elevator was at the first level and it was Xuxu who pressed the button.

Yan Rusheng stood in the middle of the elevator while Xuxu leaned against the side. She couldn’t help glancing at Yan Rusheng’s back. Her hands clenched tightly into fists.

He still had a profound effect on her, no matter how hard she tried to shoo it off.

The elevator door opened and Xuxu walked out. She bent her head in search of her keys in the bag. She went inside and closed the door after her.

She didn’t even hesitate or glance at him. Yan Rusheng was left standing outside Xuxu’s door, and after snapping out of his daze, he walked back to his unit, looking defeated.

He entered the door and swiftly removed his clothes. He then proceeded to the bathroom.

Xuxu held the first aid kit and walked to his unit. Her hand hovered in mid-air for a second before pressing on his doorbell.

‘Ding dong.’

The sound of the doorbell seemed to pierce through her heart like an arrow. Her heart pounded furiously and her palm was cold with sweat.

No one responded, and she was about to stretch her hand once more to press the doorbell.

The door suddenly swung open.

The man’s hair was dripping wet, and he came out half-naked with a towel covering the lower part of his body.

He must have been in the midst of showering.

He got a shock when he saw Xuxu. His eyes darted to the first aid kit in her hand, and a streak of happiness flashed past his peach blossom-shaped eyes.

“Come in quickly. I’ll get changed.” Yan Rusheng turned around, and he was as happy as a child. He was afraid that Xuxu might leave while he was getting changed, and so he pulled her into the house. After closing the door, he walked to the bathroom.

Xuxu watched him helplessly as he walked away looking so happy.

She was wearing her bedroom slippers, so she didn’t remove it when she entered his house.

The living room just had a few pieces of furniture, so it looked as though his living room was bigger than hers. He liked everything neat and tidy, so his house was much cleaner and tidier than hers.

Xuxu glanced at the wall. He had left the door as it was originally with red bricks.

She continued to walk inside towards the couch. On the coffee table, there were medicine and cough syrup along with a glass of water.

She recalled how she had heard him coughing for the past nights.


Xuxu sighed heavily. She was feeling overwhelmed with emotions.


Yan Rusheng walked out with his bathrobe on, and he eagerly looked at Xuxu.

Xuxu turned around and lightly said, “I saw that your neck was hurt. I have some medicine to treat burns.”

She placed the first aid kit on the table and took out some ointment for burns.