Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Is Your Company Going Bankrupt?

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Yan Rusheng hurriedly walked over. “I can do it myself.”

He stretched out his hand and took the ointment from Xuxu. After that, he pointed to the sofa and said to Xuxu, “Take a seat. Do you want a drink? I heard from mom that you’ve been cravings for tomatoes recently. Let me prepare a glass of tomato juice for you?”

He turned around and was about to proceed to the kitchen when Xuxu stopped him. “It’s alright. Go ahead and apply the ointment. I’ll go back first.”

She raised her feet and immediately walked towards the door.

“Xuxu.” Seeing her hurried footsteps, Yan Rusheng called out to her, but she didn’t respond.

He pressed his lips together and chased after her, but she had already stepped into her house and closed the door. Hence, he retraced his steps and shut his door too.

He turned around and saw the first aid kit sitting on his coffee table. The corners of his mouth slightly curled up.

Xuxu couldn’t sleep. It was only at midnight that sleep crept over her. However, hunger pangs awakened her from her sleep. She looked at the time on her phone, and it was still 8:30 a.m.

Lately, 8:30 am was early for her.

She got out of bed and dragged herself lazily to the kitchen. When she opened her fridge, there were only tomatoes, eggs, fresh milk, and yogurt inside.

She took out two eggs, placed them into the egg boiler and then turned on the switch. After that, she turned around and headed for the bathroom to wash up.

She was still feeling drowsy and in a daze.

While brushing her teeth, she felt nauseous. It made her retch. She then puked out all the toothpaste foam in her mouth. After that, she gargled her mouth.

‘Ding dong.’

The doorbell suddenly rang. Xuxu raised her head and stuck her head out from the bathroom. She stared at the door for a while and all was quiet again.

She put down her toothbrush and toothpaste and walked towards the door. There was no one when she opened the door. But she looked down at the floor instinctively, and as expected, the familiar thermos jar and a huge bag of snacks were quietly sitting at a corner.

Xuxu lazily leaned against the door frame. She stared at the thermos jar and snacks with her clear bright eyes.

Her tummy was growling in hunger again.

She bent over to pick up the thermos jar and snacks. After that, she went back inside and shut the door behind her.

She trod to the dining table and placed down the thermos jar. When she unscrewed the lid, a fragrant bird’s nest porridge greeted her eyes. As it was a multi-layered thermos jar, she removed the bird’s nest porridge and the next layer revealed a particular sandwich that she was especially fond of eating.

She removed it and there was a tomato in the third layer. One look and she could tell that it wasn’t the type sold in the market.

She picked up the sandwich, took a bite, and chewed for a little while. Her eyebrows knitted closer and closer together.

This taste… She was less than impressed. Had he mistaken sugar for salt?

Xuxu sat down and ate the sandwich and drank the bird’s nest porridge at the same time.

She felt nauseous again and immediately took a bite on the tomato.

Yan Rusheng walked out of his house, impeccably dressed in his suit. He eagerly looked towards the corner of the wall between his and Xuxu’s house and saw that it was empty.

It overwhelmed him with joy, and so he punched his fists in the air. “Yes… Yes…”

He excitedly walked towards the elevator.

What a coincidence! The elevator had just arrived, and it opened.

At one glance, Mu Li noticed her son excitedly clenching his fists. She knitted her eyebrows puzzledly. “Third Yan, you found some money early in the morning?

Yan Rusheng felt awkward and quickly put down his hands, ignoring Mu Li as he entered the lift.

Yan Weihong was with Mu Li.

When Yan Rusheng entered the lift, Yan Weihong happened to walk out. The two of them brushed past each other and Yan Rusheng called out ‘Dad’ in a deadpan manner.

Yan Weihong acknowledged his greeting with a hum. There was a mysterious smile coming from his eyes.

“Is your company going bankrupt?”

Yan Rusheng was just about to press the ‘door close’ button.