Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 646

Chapter 646 I'll Wait Outside For You

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Every morning, Xuxu continued to receive sumptuous breakfast at her doorstep. Her morning sickness lasted for another month, but it gradually improved.

Before she realized it, she was already due for her first prenatal checkup.

Earlier in the morning, Mu Li called to remind her not to empty her bladder after she woke up. She still needed to do an ultrasound scan later.

After the call ended, it rendered Xuxu speechless for a while. It should be bedtime in Country Y, it made her feel worried that Mu Li’s constant fretting over her pregnancy would turn her from a beautiful and youthful woman into an old hag.

She’d call her daily, repeatedly filling her with instructions.

After putting down the receiver, Xuxu raised her hands and stretched herself.

She got down from her bed and drew open the curtain. It was a sunny day—a good weather to be out.

She opened her windows to let in some fresh air into her house.

Mu Li had sent over many clothes from overseas, and most were suitable for wear in their current season. The clothes were all made from good quality materials.

Xuxu chose a pink hooded sweater to match with a pair of ash-grey slacks. She also wore a black down-filled jacket over it and carried a haversack.

When she opened the door, she was greeted with shock.

She saw a towering figure and was puzzled why he wasn’t at work.

Although she had been leading a lackadaisical lifestyle lately, she was still aware that it was a Friday.

“Xuxu.” Yan Rusheng looked at Xuxu gently and cautiously.

Xuxu acknowledged with a faint ‘Mm’ and shut her door before treading towards the lift.

Yan Rusheng followed after her. “Let me send you to the hospital.”

Xuxu replied, “It’s alright, I can take a taxi.”

She stretched out her hand to press the elevator button. She fixed her eyes on the elevator screen without looking at the man beside her.

“I’ll send you there and wait for you outside.” As Yan Rusheng said that, the elevator arrived. Xuxu walked in and he hurried behind her.

Xuxu’s eyes were still fixed on the screen. She remained silent.

Her silence meant that she had agreed, and so a smile appeared on Yan Rusheng’s face.

Immediately, he stretched his hand to press basement two to take them to the carpark.

When the elevator landed on the first floor, Yan Rusheng feared that Xuxu would walk out. So he deliberately used his huge body to block her.

It was a pity he didn’t get to see the mesmerizing smile from the beautiful woman behind him.

Yan Rusheng was still driving the champagne-colored Bentley. Although the exterior of the car wasn’t eye-catching, in their neighborhood carpark, one could easily tell that it was an expensive car.

Yan Rusheng took out his car keys. His car was parked at the parking lot nearest to the lift lobby. After unlocking the door, he hurriedly ran over to open the passenger seat door for Xuxu.

But Xuxu walked to the back passenger seat. She opened the door and climbed into the car.

‘Slam.’ The car door closed.

Although Xuxu deliberately distanced herself from him, it didn’t dampen Yan Rusheng’s cheery mood. Just the thought of Xuxu allowing him to accompany her for her prenatal checkup kept his mood up.

Ever since he knew that she would go for her checkup that day, it had him worried. He didn’t want to miss out on every developmental milestone of their unborn child.

Ever since he found out about her pregnancy, he had been reading up on pregnancy-related information and recipes on the internet.

Once, he even chanced upon a video footage of the delivery process and thought about the pain and ordeal that Xuxu has to go through in the future. It caused him a sleepless night.

When the car drove out of the carpark, the sun’s rays shone into the car. It instantly brightened it up everything.