Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 647

Chapter 647 Normal

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Xuxu propped her elbow on the window and rested her hand on her forehead. She was looking out of the window. There was a subtle smile on the corners of her mouth.

Yan Rusheng would turn back and occasionally glance at her. Of late, he had been leaving the house early and returning home late. Xuxu, on the other hand, didn’t leave her house on the weekends. Hence, he could count the number of times that he saw her, they were usually just a hurried glimpse.

Now that he looked at her closely, her hair seemed to have grown slightly longer.

Yan Rusheng’s hands tightly gripped the steering wheel. He told himself that whatever he was doing wasn’t enough to make up for everything.

Since Mu Li already made prior arrangements for Xuxu, the President called Xuxu while they were on the way to the hospital. He asked when she would reach, and that once she arrived, she could proceed for her ultrasound scan without having to queue.

Xuxu didn’t expect that the president would be the one to carry out the prenatal check. Although the Yan family was influential, it still overwhelmed her with surprise and felt flattered.

There were two machines in the ultrasound room and a curtain separated them. Xuxu followed the president into the curtain while Yan Rusheng trailed after. He had the urge to enter but stopped short.

Xuxu stole a glance at him and remained silent. She drew the curtain and kept him waiting outside.

“The feet and hands of the two little fellows are visible now. They are growing normally and healthily.”

The President pressed the probe and moved along her belly as he said that.

Hearing this, Xuxu got all excited and was bursting with joy. She slightly propped up her upper body to look at the monitor. “Really? I also want to have a look.”

“Look, this is the hand, this is the head, these are the feet…”

The President pointed to the monitor and explained.

Xuxu’s heart instantly melted when she saw them. She was brought tears. “They’re so tiny.”

Yan Rusheng, who was standing outside, heard the conversation between the President and Xuxu. He was restlessly pacing back and forth.

He also wished to have a glimpse of their little hands and feet.

Many times, he had the urge to push aside the curtain to enter, but he lacked the courage. He was afraid that he would make Xuxu unhappy. He had already promised Xuxu that he would wait outside while she was having her checkup.

“Shall we let the babies’ father come in to look as well?” All of a sudden, the President looked at Xuxu to get her approval.

Xuxu pursed her lips and remained mum, and she laid back down again.

‘Aunt Mu Li, my Aunt Mu Li, how could you not be biased? You are still so thoughtful and attentive towards your son even while you are away.’

Silence meant consent. The President smiled and turned back. He called out, “Third Yan, do you want to look at your babies?”


Before the President could finish talking, Yan Rusheng had already pulled open the curtain and entered.

His face was overwhelmed with excitement and joy, and with just one step, he reached the doctor’s side. He took a glance at Xuxu who was lying on the bed with her little belly exposed. She was two months pregnant but her belly was still flat and hardly visible.

Yan Rusheng’s gaze swept past Xuxu’s face and her expression was still as cold and distant as ever. He pressed his lips together and averted his gaze to the monitor.

His peach blossom-shaped eyes were beaming with more excitement and delight.

The doctor pointed to the two newly formed fetal images. He explained to him once more.

Yan Rusheng had the urge to embrace Xuxu all of a sudden.

But of course, it was only his wishful thinking.

“Normal but skinny.” The doctor put down the probe and said to Xuxu as he looked at her. After that, he turned towards Yan Rusheng. “Third Yan, prepare more nutritious food for her. Make sure she eats more fruits and watches less TV. After dinner, it would be good for her to take a stroll and keep her spirits high.”

Yan Rusheng smiled and nodded. “Okay.”