Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Shes Just Dim Witted

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Xuxu used a piece of tissue to wipe away the ultrasound gel on her tummy and then pulled down her top. She propped her body with both hands to get up.

Seeing this, Yan Rusheng swiftly helped her up. “Xuxu, be careful.”

Xuxu sat up and slightly struggled before Yan Rusheng let go of her hands.

The two of them followed the President to his office where he shared with them some of his expert knowledge and experiences.

After they had left the President’s office, Yan Rusheng looked at Xuxu and tactfully asked, “You have not taken your breakfast. Let me take you out to eat.”

Xuxu replied, “I will take a taxi home myself.”

After that, she walked with hurried steps towards the direction of the staircase.

Yan Rusheng also hastened his steps and followed her. “Xuxu, let me send you home then.”

Xuxu faintly replied, “I want to shop around first.”

It was a busy season in the office.

Yan Rusheng knew that even though her tone sounded indifferent, she was definitely adamant. As he didn’t want to anger her, he let her have her way.

He said, “Be careful then.”

But as he looked at her, worry clouded his eyes.

Yan Rusheng walked Xuxu to the taxi and retracted his gaze only after the taxi had vanished from sight.

Perhaps he was afraid of losing her, hence he took extra care of her.

He had lost her before, and so he had to be extra cautious.

But what did he mean by he had lost her before?

He hadn’t even won back his wife.

It had been quite a time since she last stepped inside a mall. Xuxu took a taxi to the mall she used to frequent with her grandmother. After the first month of the lunar year, vibrantly colored spring decorations decked the mall, and there was a cheery atmosphere all around.

After Xuxu finished her shopping at the ladies’ department on level two, she went up to the third level and unconsciously stepped into the children’s department.

The first thing that caught her eyes was soothing and warm colors all around.

She saw a counter selling milk bottles and pacifiers. She walked over before stopping in her steps. Looking at the adorable stuff, her maternal instincts kicked in and she took two milk bottles. She was fondly scrutinizing them and was unwilling to let go.

“Hello, how can I help you?” A salesgirl came over and politely looked at Xuxu.

Xuxu smiled and shook her head. “I’m just looking around.”

After that, she put back the milk bottles and looked elsewhere.


Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice but couldn’t recall who the voice belonged to.

Xuxu turned around and looked towards the direction of the voice. A slender lady dressed in branded clothes approached her. It had stumped her for a moment before she smiled. “Miss Tang.”

She was Tang Feiling, the fiancee of Ming Ansheng. She’s the First Missy of the influential antique dealers in the capital city.

But having not seen her for quite some time, she looked different. She recalled that her chin wasn’t as sharp as before, and her double eyelids weren’t so emphasized. Hence why she couldn’t recognize her right away.

A short-haired lady, wearing a pair of spectacles and dressed in neutral gender clothes, stood beside Tang Feiling.

Tang Feiling trod towards Xuxu and chatted as if they were old friends. “We’ve not seen each other for over a year.”

Xuxu slightly pressed her lips in response.

“This is my good friend, Anqi.” Tang Feiling beckoned to the woman beside her and introduced her.

Xuxu smiled and nodded at her.

Tang Feiling asked again, “Since you left Flourish & Prosper, what have you been up to?”

Xuxu replied, “At home.”

Although she wasn’t close to her, she didn’t particularly like Tang Feiling’s character. She’s simple-minded but wasn’t the adorable type. She’s just dim-witted.

Of the few times she had interacted with her, she seemed to love being around those who had less desirable qualities than her so she could enjoy a sense of superiority. She loved others to pander to her and enjoyed being fawned upon.