Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Taken Aback That He Would Choose This Name

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Su Yan picked up the call. “Xuxu.”

Xuxu said, “Su Yan, where is your company located at?”

‘You can come any time and do whatever you want and like…’

She had a sudden whim to look for a job, and Su Yan’s promise was indeed tempting.

Actually, a job where you could do whatever and however you like was a rare thing. Besides, she wanted to have a different line of work and a change of environment. She wanted to challenge herself.

Like what Aunt Mu Li said, it wouldn’t be easy for her to find a new job since she was pregnant. She could only render a few months of work before she gave birth.

Su Yan informed Xuxu of the address. Longshan District was located on the outskirts of the city area.

But she had to admit that Su Yan had a unique taste and mindset.

The Longshan District was a famous scenic place in the Capital City. There were mountains, rivers, and ancient historical architecture left from the olden times, especially the famed Yushui Town, that also goes by the nickname of The Northern Little Yangtze .

Plenty of people from the southern part of the country would travel to Longshan District during holidays to reminisce about their hometown.

Xuxu took a taxi to Yushui Town. However, Su Yan didn’t tell her the name of his company. He simply told her that his company was located in the most flourishing area of the town. It depended on Xuxu to locate the place.

Xuxu alighted at the entrance of the town, and she felt as though she was transported to the Southern hometown.

She reached the town in the afternoon. It was a Friday; therefore, the town wasn’t as crowded as it should be. Xuxu entered the town and began looking for Su Yan’s company.

She had walked for quite a distance, but she didn’t see any photography company. So she thought at the moment she would catch sight of one, it should be Su Yan’s company.

Xuxu Rusheng!

Xuxu gazed at the wooden signboard where the name was carved. Waves repeatedly billowed in her heart in gentle motions.

It had been some time since she saw their names together, and her lips unconsciously curled.

She thought… No, she was sure it was Su Yan’s company.

It just took her by surprise that he would choose such a name.

Just like any other photography studio, there were mannequins dressed in wedding gowns displayed at the glass windows. The backdrop was a picture of a river during the winter, and it was frozen. For a moment, it looked as if the mannequin was standing in the backdrop.

Xuxu stood outside the entrance. She examined the exterior before climbing up the doorstep.

It was spacious inside, and there was a wide collection of pictures hanging on the wall, most of which were scenery pictures. Western-style influenced the design of the studio, too. There were two levels, and it had a unique-looking spiral staircase.


Xuxu was surveying the surroundings and the pictures on the wall when a young lady in her early twenties walked towards her. She politely greeted her. “Are you here to take photos?”

Before Xuxu could answer, a man’s voice sounded from the staircase.

“Xuxu, you’re here.”

Xuxu turned her head and saw Su Yan descending the stairs. It was rare to see him dressed so formally. He wore a jewel-blue suit and it fitted him perfectly. It accentuated his slender and muscular frame.

His good-looking face had indistinct features of a foreigner, and the suit made him look even more regal and refined.

He stuffed a hand in his pocket with the other holding on to the railing as he descended.

The wooden staircase produced sounds with every step.

Xuxu puzzledly watched Su Yan. “Aren’t you working today?”

If she remembered correctly, he had another job as Grand Fashion’s Director of Photography and their chief photographer.

“I only take photos so there is no need for me to report to work every day.” By the time he finished answering Xuxu, he had appeared in front of her.