Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 651

Chapter 651 It Was Once Her Dream

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Xuxu smiled. “I see.”

His character was so unrestrained and wild. How could he possibly accept jobs that were inflexible or conventional?

Su Yan grinned and lifted an eyebrow. “Is the purpose of your visit today to take up my job offer? Do you want to work at my studio?”

“Yes.” Xuxu nodded but the next moment, she seemed quite disappointed. “But this place is too far, and right now, my current state doesn’t allow me to travel.”

It was too far. The journey to and fro would even take about three hours. It would take a toll on her pregnancy.

Even without Aunt Mu Li and the rest of their objections, she already knew that she wouldn’t be able to endure the long journey.

“You don’t have to worry about that at all.” Su Yan pressed on, “I have a studio in the city, so you don’t have to travel this far. It’s at the Fourth South Loop.”

It really surprised Xuxu.

She suspected that this fellow visited the country ages ago. How could he move around so swiftly in just a few months?

He had established his own photography company, set up a studio, and also took up a job at Grand Fashion.

Do these superior genes exist in all Yan family members? Each one had surpassed the other.

Fourth South Loop—it wasn’t far from her apartment, and it indeed tempted Xuxu. She glanced at the pictures on the wall, and she furrowed her eyebrows. “But what can I do here? I can’t take photos. I can’t edit, and I know little about makeup.”

Su Yan chuckled. “You know design, and as long as you have the foresight and taste, it’s enough.”

His statement rendered Xuxu dumbfounded. She stared at Su Yan without blinking. “You… how did you know I studied design before?”

She tilted her head down. Melancholy and sorrow appeared in her eyes.

“I saw your designs in the storeroom at home.” Su Yan didn’t hide his admiration for Xuxu’s talents, and so he generously lavished praises on her. “Your ideas were definitely quirky and spunky for your time before. If you had continued to study design, you might have already established a name for yourself internationally in the fashion design field.”

Xuxu smiled as she scoffed. “I’m not as capable as you’ve described. That was merely a module I randomly chose.”

She instantly changed the topic. “But why do you need me to design?”

They specialized in photography and not in fashion design.

“Every wedding gown or dress you see here were designed and made by yours truly,” proudly declared Su Yan as his fingers swept past the dresses and gowns. “You can close your eyes and design anything you want. The style, the color…”

He emphasized once more. “Remember, anything as long as you want, just go ahead and design. What I want is unique and different.”

‘You can close your eyes and design anything you want. The style, the color…’

The words stirred Xuxu’s heart for it was once her dream.

That one day, people would wear the clothes she designed.

That one day, she would design a wedding gown for herself.

She tightly clutched her bag. She was thoroughly tempted, but she didn’t have the courage to accept the job offer. It had been years since she last designed anything, and she had already lost all confidence.

Furthermore, she was fearful of failures.

Su Yan seemed to know what was on her mind. He looked at her intently and encouraged her. “Xuxu, believe me. You are different, and I know you can do it.”

Xuxu raised her face. Her eyes were sparkling with determination. “Alright.”

After saying it, she felt her entire world had changed.

Sometimes, a person just needs to take that one step. Once you have taken that step, everything would be fine.