Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Mummy Says Handsome

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Su Yan had a photo shoot at night. It was for Grand Fashion’s next cover page, and the model was an extremely popular A-list celebrity.

But Su Yan still insisted on sending Xuxu back home first.

He drove her to her apartment building, and she got off.

The sun had begun to set, and the sky turned red. The temperature had drastically dropped too.

Xuxu swiped her card and entered the building.

She had just pushed the door open when a small child clumsily tottered over with a ball.

The little child wore an orange fur coat, and he had a woolen cap on his head.

An old lady was trailing after the child, in fact, she was chasing after him. “Bubu, be careful!”

The old lady seemed to be in her sixties, and her leg didn’t look good since she walked with a limp.

Xuxu blocked the little child’s path. She gazed at him with a gentle smile.

The child’s path was obstructed, so he peered at Xuxu. His sparkling innocent eyes along with his chubby face looked so adorable.

“Aunt. Aunt.” The little boy couldn’t articulate properly.

Xuxu squatted and gently pinched his cheeks. “You know how to address me as an aunt?”

This little boy was very bright, and after he noticed Xuxu smiling at him, he followed suit.

Xuxu looked at his innocent-looking face and her heart seemed to have melted. “Little boy, how old are you?”

“Bubu, how old are you?” The old lady finally caught up with them. She knelt down and then grabbed the boy’s hand tightly to prevent him from escaping.

The little boy raised three fingers. He replied, “Three years old.”

“You’re so smart! And you know you’re three years old.” Xuxu pinched him once more. She simply adored him. “You are too adorable!”

Her face was against the setting sun, and the smile on her exquisite, tiny face was like a blooming flower. She looked so gentle and kind, and she somehow exuded an aura of motherly love.

He now finally understood the reason Xuxu was so concerned about the children at the orphanage. He finally knew why she adored Huanhuan so much, too.

Huanhuan was about three years old. If only…

That was how she eased her regrets from losing her child.

That moment, as Xuxu looked at that little boy, the usual melancholic expression in her eyes was replaced with joy.

Was it because of their child in her stomach?

Yan Rusheng halted in his tracks as he intently gazed at her. He seemed to have entered a state of stupor.

“Bubu, it’s time for us to go home. Say goodbye to aunt.” The old lady rose and held the little boy’s hand.

Xuxu stood up and waved at him cheerily. “Bubu, bye-bye! Don’t run away from your grandma in the future!”

The old lady smiled. “My leg isn’t so well. I really can’t catch up with him sometimes.”

“Xuxu.” Yan Rusheng walked over to Xuxu.

“Mummy says handsome.”

The little boy suddenly said as he pointed at Yan Rusheng.

Mummy says handsome?

Although it was a little vague, they could still understand what he said.

It flabbergasted Yan Rusheng, and he anxiously looked at Xuxu. His eyes were wide, and it seemed innocent. It seemed that he was trying to say ‘I swear I don’t know who is his mother is.’

The old lady sized up Yan Rusheng and gave a chuckle. “This man appears often on the news, and my daughter likes to read about celebrities and gossip.”