Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 653

Chapter 653 Truth Or Lies?

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Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were both dumbfounded at the same time!

They couldn’t help but think that the child was way too smart. He had only seen Yan Rusheng’s photo, and yet he could immediately recognize him.

The old lady smiled. “This young man is indeed more good-looking in person. Your child would be very good-looking too.”

Xuxu heard her, and she became embarrassed by her words. She quickly bent her head.

If it wasn’t because she was indeed pregnant, she would have laughed it off.

After saying goodbye to the boy and his grandma, Xuxu continued walking back home.

Yan Rusheng walked behind, and they were only a footstep apart. Both of them were silent.

“Aunt Zhang brewed chicken soup for you, and she had sent it here. Bring it back to drink it later.” Yan Rusheng spoke only after they had entered the elevator.

He looked at Xuxu and observed her expression.

Xuxu uttered a soft ‘oh’ and gave no further response as she cast her gaze at her feet.

When the elevator reached their level, Yan Rusheng said, “Wait for me here. I’ll go get it.”

He took out his keys and walked out of the elevator first. He quickly strode towards his apartment and opened the door.

Xuxu stood outside his door and peered inside. It was clean and tidy, and the floor appeared it had just been washed. In comparison to his house, hers seemed messy and dirty.

“It’s still hot.” Yan Rusheng brought out a container and passed it to Xuxu.

Xuxu received it with both hands and then turned around.

Yan Rusheng suddenly called out to her. “Xuxu.”

She stopped and glanced at him.

Yan Rusheng hesitated and his words seemed choked. “Later… Later, I’ll cook dinner for you.”

Xuxu bowed her head and didn’t respond. She unlocked her door and entered her apartment.

She shut the door and gently rubbed her tummy as she smiled to herself.

Su Yan’s studio in the city was a lot larger than what she had imagined. She had assumed that he had rented a small office just for design purposes.

But to her surprise, it was a huge warehouse. The interior design was distinctly unique.

There were sewing machines, clothes and various accessories. What she had thought of and what she didn’t, everything was in place.

There were several mannequins wearing unfinished articles of clothing.

The scale of the warehouse was huge, but there were only two employees. A man and a woman, and both were foreigners.

She surveyed the entire office and couldn’t conceal her astonishment.

Su Yan stood beside a sewing machine as he pored through a design draft. Xuxu walked towards him and asked, “Su Yan, tell me honestly. After you knew that you were coming back to the country, how long have you planned all of this?”

Su Yan raised his head and grinned. “Truth or lies?”

Xuxu raised an eyebrow. “What do you think?”

Of course, she wanted the truth, but judging from his expression, she knew that he wouldn’t tell her the truth.

This fellow might seem simple, straightforward, and honest. But in reality, whatever he had said and done, they were all a mystery.

Su Yan quipped, “The truth is three months. The lie is ten years.”

Xuxu coldly sneered. “Everything is a lie.”

But she wasn’t that curious to the point that she had to force the truth out of him. She was just merely surprised.

So if he didn’t want to say, why should she force him?

Xuxu inched neared to Su Yan and pointed upstairs. She whispered, “Are they both designers?”