Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 654

Chapter 654 This Beautiful Girl Was His Love At First Sight

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She happened to pass by the office and chanced upon two people who were looking at their drafts, deep in discussions. As she was afraid of imposing on them, she didn’t halt her footsteps.

Su Yan nodded his head. “Yes, they are my friends from Country Y. They both graduated from XX University in Country Y with a degree in fashion design.”

XX University in Country Y. When she heard it, her expression briefly fell before resuming her usual self. She nodded her head. “Great, I can learn from them.”

However, Su Yan threw a wet blanket at her. “Unfortunately, they will go on the 1st day of next month.”

The date was another one to two weeks away. Xuxu sighed. “What a pity.”

Su Yan quipped, “They are going back to get married. That’s a piece of good news.”

“Getting married is definitely a happy occasion.” Xuxu responded and then asked, “Then will I have an office?”

“In the future, the room nearest to the staircase will be your office.” Su Yan pointed to the staircase. The room was clearly visible from where they were standing, and he said, “Most of the time, you’ll be the only one here. So you can choose to use whichever room you wish.”

He hesitated before continuing. “Later on, I’ll be getting an assistant to take care of you.”

Xuxu waved her hands and said, “It’s alright. I prefer to be alone.”

She lowered her head and looked at the draft in Su Yan’s hands. He made a ton of comments on it.

“Hi, Su.”

The two persons upstairs suddenly came down.

Xuxu raised her head and directed her sight at them. The two persons moved towards them, one after another.

The lady was tall, but the man was even taller.

Su Yan, who was beside her, waved at them. “Hi.”

The Caucasian man walked closer and took notice of Xuxu. He yelled in exaggeration. “Oh my God. You’ve brought a beauty here.”

Su Yan grinned and pointed to Xuxu as he introduced her. “This is Xuxu.”

“Xuxu?” When the Caucasian man heard her name, he frowned as if he recalled something. “Rusheng?”

Su Yan nodded in agreement. “You’re right.”

Xuxu was visibly startled for a moment. But when she recalled the name of Su Yan’s photography company, it didn’t appear to be a surprise to her anymore.

Su Yan pointed to the two Caucasians and introduced them to Xuxu. “This is Mr. Bleu and his fiancée, Miss Rose.”

Xuxu smiled and politely acknowledged them.

“I remembered. Those photos.” Bleu intently stared at Xuxu’s face for a while. He seemed to have recalled something and excitedly grinned. “The photos at the vintage street. She had long hair and was wearing an orange-colored dress. She was stunning.”

After that, he pointed to his fiancée. “This beautiful girl was Su’s love at first sight.”

Su Yan smiled and his mouth deliberately sank as a sign of regret. “She turned out to be my brother’s wife.”

Hearing this, Bleu suddenly stretched forth his hand and patted his head. “Oh, goodness gracious. It’s a real pity.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded…

She had no inkling with what they were talking about. Was there a differing style of communication between different countries?

Must Mr. Bleu be so vivid in his tone and expressions?

Su Yan pointed to Xuxu again. He then said to Bleu and his fiancée, “She’s here to work, and I believe that in the coming week, you’ll have a good time working together.”

Bleu nodded his head. “Definitely.”

His fiancee even gave Xuxu an affectionate hug.

Su Yan didn’t stay long and left after that. As it was Xuxu’s first day at work, she didn’t begin work immediately.

Bleu told her that a foreign celebrity would be coming over to China in April to shoot a photo book, and they had been busy coming up with costume designs for this celebrity since a total of ten costumes were needed.