Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 657

Chapter 657 It's Fate That Brings People Together

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Lu Yinan sent out another text message just in time. ‘I think you can’t continue with your posturing anymore.’

Ming Ansheng suddenly interjected with his message. ‘Sigh. It’s your lifetime mistake to have met Xuxu. The once overbearing President has now turned into her loyal pet dog.’

Lu Yinan: ‘I heard that you can cook well now?’

‘I also heard about of it. One day, I’ll visit you to have a taste of your culinary skills.’

‘Scram!’ Young Master Yan was at the end of his patience. He closed his laptop right away.

Of course, he was still aware that Xuxu was sitting opposite him. Hence, he closed his laptop with gentle hands.

Xuxu was still sketching away on the paper. Yan Rusheng propped both hands on his cheeks and observed her intently. The corners of his mouth revealed an affectionate smile.

The look in his eyes was too scorching, and Wen Xuxu couldn’t ignore it. She felt frustrated and kept making mistakes in her sketch.

She had the urge to raise her head and stare at him, but she disliked reacting in such a way because it would reveal that she wasn’t able to keep her calm.

Knock, knock, knock.

Just when it had Xuxu more vexed, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” she called out as she lifted her head. She looked towards the door.

The door opened and Rose was standing at the entrance. She was looking at her. “Xuxu, it’s getting late. Let’s go for our dinner.”

Getting late?

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and glanced at her watch. It was really getting…

It was already 6:30 p.m. Without realizing it, she and Yan Rusheng had sat in the room for two hours.

She looked at Rose again. She said, “Alright.”

She stood up and tidied up the things on her desk before picking them up and walking towards the door.

Yan Rusheng also took his laptop and trailed behind her.

Just when Xuxu and Yan Rusheng walked out of the office, Bleu emerged from his office. The four of them stood at the spacious corridor.

Rose held Xuxu’s hand and suggested, “Let’s have dinner together.”

“It’s alright. You go ahead with Bleu. I’m still not hungry yet since I’ve eaten something in the afternoon.” Xuxu shook her head and tactfully rejected Rose’s invitation.

But Rose was enthusiastic about it and didn’t want to let go of her hand. “Let’s go together. On account of our acquaintance, let’s have dinner and watch a movie together as we’ll be leaving next month.”

Behind them, Bleu cheered and applauded in agreement. “This is a fabulous idea ‘xuxu rusheng’ . It’s definitely more enjoyable for the four of us to have dinner and watch a movie together.”

Xuxu was caught in a dilemma at the couple’s enthusiasm.

For the first time, she found it hard to reject someone’s invitation.

“Since they’re so keen about it, why don’t we go together?”

Yan Rusheng’s voice sounded in her ears all of a sudden. It was soft and uneven as if his voice was trembling as he spoke.

Before she could reply, Rose and her husband nodded their heads in unison like little chicks pecking on their food. “Yes, the Chinese always say it’s fate that brings people together, and we’re glad to have known two friends like you,‘xuxu rusheng’ .”

Seeing the husband and wife-to-be so warm and earnest, Xuxu felt she would appear snobbish if she rejected them again. Thus, she nodded her head and agreed. “Alright.”

It was Yan Rusheng’s presence that had led Xuxu in her dilemma, and he was fully aware of it. But now, he just wanted to make the most of every opportunity—he didn’t want to miss out any possible chances of narrowing the gap between them.

He could feel that Xuxu’s attitude towards him had changed for the better. At least, for the past month, she didn’t rake up the topic of divorce again.

She was willing to eat the food that he cooked for her, willing to let him accompany her for her prenatal checks, willing to let him wait for her to knock off.

Xuxu still loved him. Even though he had hurt her immeasurably, she still loved him.

It was because of these that made him even more determined to wait patiently for her forgiveness.

The Bleu couple didn’t drive, and they took Yan Rusheng’s car. The two of them sat behind leaving Xuxu no choice but to take the front passenger seat.