Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Eat Dinner And Watch Movie

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After everyone got into the car, Yan Rusheng started the engine. Xuxu rested her head on the headrest and closed her eyes. The soothing music sounded in her ears.

‘When I was still an ignorant little girl, I met my love but didn’t know how to love…’

Xuxu fell asleep in the car. When Yan Rusheng saw the traffic light turned red, he stepped on the brake gently.

Bleu and his wife sat in the car quietly, perhaps they were also exhausted after a hard day’s work.

Their destination was located at a nearby mall, and it was only about four bus stops away. But Yan Rusheng took 20 minutes to reach the mall.

Just so Xuxu could sleep for a little more.

When the car arrived at the mall’s carpark, Xuxu woke up. She unfastened the seat belt and got off of the car.

Although the underground carpark didn’t feel as cold as the surrounding, there was still a difference in the temperature compared to the interior of the car. When Xuxu got down from the car, she briefly shivered.

Perhaps it was because she had just woken up. Hence, she felt especially cold.

Yan Rusheng hurriedly brought out a down-feathered coat from his car. He walked over to Xuxu to put it on for her. “Don’t catch a cold.”

Xuxu immediately took it off. “Put it back in the car.”

She bent down and flung the coat into the car.

Yan Rusheng could see through her thoughts, so he stopped her. “It’s alright. I’ll wear it when we’re having our dinner.”

Xuxu almost burst out laughing but restrained herself.

At that moment, her heart… uncontrollably turned soft.

But her voice still sounded icily cold. “I’m not cold, I don’t need your jacket.”

She insisted and flung the jacket back into the car. She then closed the car door.

The interior temperature of the mall would definitely be warmer than the underground carpark. Hence, the coat wouldn’t be much of a use during dinner.

The restaurant was located on the 5th level, so they took the elevator. At that time of day, there was always a long queue, and Yan Rusheng had already expected it. So before they set off from the office, he already made a reservation for a private room.

He also chose the restaurant without consulting Xuxu and the Bleu couple beforehand.

As he noticed that Xuxu especially loved spicy and strong tasting food lately.

The small private room was just right for the four of them.

When the waiter came over, Yan Rusheng ordered a spicy pickled fish before the waiter handed the menu to him.

After that, he left it to the three of them to order whatever they fancied.

The dishes were served one after another. As Rose ate, she hurried them at the same time. “We’re catching the 8:40 p.m. movie. Eat quickly, otherwise, we won’t be able to make it on time.”

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and clicked her tongue. “We’re really watching a movie after dinner?”

Having dinner was already enough. As for the movie, won’t it be more romantic for just the two of them to watch it together?

Rose replied, “It’s a newly released movie. All my friends in Country Y said that it’s a good one. Bleu and I have been tied up with our work lately, and we haven’t had the time to watch it.”

“Oh.” Xuxu curled her lips and lowered her head to discover that there were a few more slices of fish in her bowl.

She picked up one slice and shoved it into her mouth, chewing it slowly.

Other than herself, the other three had red wine in their glasses.

Rose and Bleu were brimming with enthusiasm and did what the locals did—saying ‘bottoms up’ before they drank.

The three of them finished an entire bottle of red wine during the meal.

At about 8:30 p.m., they finished their dinner and hurried to the cinema. It was on the same level as the restaurant, and so they made it just in time for ticket inspection.

It was a Hollywood blockbuster. Even though it had already started screening two days ago, it was still a full house that night. When Rose bought the tickets an hour ago, only the last row seats were available. The four seats were not even together.

There was a big crowd. They queued to collect their 3D glasses before entering. At the side, children were giggling and bantering with one another. They were also weaving in and out of the crowd.