Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Dont Move Your Shoelaces Are Undone

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The children had stepped on many movie-goers. They expressed their annoyance with a frown.

But they didn’t bother to argue with them since they were children.

“Hey, you…”

Xuxu seemed rather worried as some children kept weaving in and out of the crowd. There was a pair of boys around ten years old, who were having fun chasing each other.

When they ran in front of her, instinctively she took a step back and as a result, another child stomped on her.

She yelled out in pain.

“Xuxu!” Yan Rusheng stretched his hand and held her tightly. He saw that she wasn’t hurt in any way, and so he immediately diverted his attention towards the children. He sternly said, “The two of you. Come over here.”

Both of them stopped and glared at him without a tinge of fear.

Yan Rusheng became annoyed and fiercely admonished them. “Don’t you know how to apologize when you step on someone?”

One of them smirked and then snorted. “I don’t want to.”

The other boy nodded. “Yes, we will not apologize. An adult bullying a child, you should apologize.”

Some people in the crowd began to whisper. Most of them were directing their criticisms towards the rude kids.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why are you shouting at a child?”

A middle-aged woman left the queue. She pulled one child towards her as she berated Yan Rusheng.

The second she saw Yan Rusheng’s face, she was visibly shocked for a moment. But her bossy attitude remained unchanged.

Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow. “Doesn’t he need to apologize when he bumps into someone?”

“Yan Rusheng, forget it,” said Xuxu as she grabbed his sleeve.

Actually, she was also annoyed with such arrogant kids. They were even already old enough to understand how to behave properly. The problem still lies with the parenting style.

From the way the woman had protected and defended her child, this mother must be quite unreasonable.

But Xuxu didn’t want to attract too much attention. Photos of them might circulate on the internet again.

“It’s just an apology.” The middle-aged woman stood firm with her unyielding attitude. “Why are you so fierce to a child? Don’t you have manners at all?”

“I don’t care if he is a child or not. As long as he bumped into my wife, he has to apologize,” coldly said Yan Rusheng.

The woman raised her voice and made a ruckus. “Even if you’re the President of Flourish & Prosper and the famous Third Young Master Yan, you can’t be so unreasonable. Aren’t you being a bully? He had merely accidentally bumped into her, didn’t he? Do you have to be so overbearing?”

The woman’s accusations exceedingly annoyed Yan Rusheng. He retorted, “I just want to bully a commoner like you. What can you do?”

Where did this ignorant shrew appear from? Such bad luck!

Xuxu was dumbfounded…

This woman had no inkling of what was in store for her. How dare she use such a method to deal with Yan Rusheng?

Have they ever seen Yan Rusheng caring about public opinions of him?

If you infuriate him, he could destroy you any minute. He wouldn’t give a damn about what the media would report about him.

But this might have gone a little overboard. Would the headlines tomorrow be‘Third Young Master Yan quarreling with a shrew at the movie theater’?

Yan Rusheng didn’t look at the woman. Instead, he glanced at Xuxu’s feet. She had yelled out earlier on, and so he softly asked, “Is it still painful?”

He suddenly bent and squatted down. Xuxu instinctively tried to move back as she had no idea what was Yan Rusheng trying to do.

“Don’t move, your shoelaces are undone.”

Yan Rusheng stretched his hand, picked up Xuxu’s shoelaces and slowly began to tie them for her.

Even the movie theater staff couldn’t stop themselves from sneakily taking pictures of them. Third Young Master Yan had defended his wife earlier on, and now he was tying her shoelaces for her.

He didn’t behave like a rich young master at all.

He displayed such a loving and sweet side of him towards his wife, and it made all the girls go green with envy. These actions would have scored him a hundred marks for being the perfect husband.