Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 660

Chapter 660 We'll Sit Outside

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Yan Rusheng was so handsome, wealthy, gentle and thoughtful. Was God being fair? Why?

Xuxu bent down and peered at the man squatting in front of her. Her mouth was slightly agape for his actions thoroughly took her by surprise.

Was he… Yan Rusheng?

“Done.” Yan Rusheng rose and flashed a gentle smile at her.

Gentle and affectionate.

Xuxu reverted to her composed and indifferent attitude the moment Yan Rusheng stood up. She bent her head so that she could avoid others’ inquisitive looks.

She didn’t overestimate her own willpower, so she clenched her fingers tightly until they were slightly numb.

Her gaze would inadvertently sweep past the man’s feet. She noticed his impeccable and clean leather shoes.

Yan Rusheng kept Xuxu close and safe beside him. After collecting their 3D glasses, they entered the dimly lighted hall. He mustered his courage and grabbed Xuxu’s wrist.

It startled Xuxu, and so she raised her head to look at him.

“Our seats are at the furthest row. We have to climb the steps, and it’s crowded.”

After explaining, Young Master Yan quietly admonished himself for being a coward.

It was true that he was afraid that she might trip or others might bump into her. But his real reason was that he wanted to hold her hand.

Her slender wrist, her clearly defined knuckles, her soft and supple skin, and her height…

Yan Rusheng glanced askew at her and the top of Xuxu’s head came level to his chin.

The most adorable difference in height!!

Wen Xuxu! Such a stupid tiny woman. And she was so alluring and bewitching.

Look at how she had him completely under her control, and he was only willing to do so.

Bleu and Rose walked ahead first, and they got to the last row. She looked around before glancing at their seats with a frown. “We’re not sitting together. Only two of us will sit side by side.”

Xuxu glanced at the seats—No. 8 and 9, No. 6, and No. 3. Only two of them could sit together, whereas the other two would have to sit separately.

She didn’t deliberate at all as she spoke to Rose. “You can sit with Bleu, and I’ll go over there.”

She was about to go to seat No. 3.

Rose stopped her. “You should sit here with Rusheng. Bleu and I have always watched movies together.”

Rose looked at Bleu and said, “You take No. 6 and I’ll go to No. 3.”

Xuxu shook her head with a smile. “It’s really okay. You can sit with Bleu.”

Both of them conversed fluently in English, and no one else seemed to understand.

Yan Rusheng saw how Xuxu and Rose were politely declining each other. So, he cut across their conversation. “Both of you can sit there. We’ll sit outside.”

He walked towards seat No. 3 and glanced at it without sitting down. A young man was sitting on seat No 4.

Beside him was a young lady sitting at seat No. 5. They seemed to be a couple.

The guy raised his head, and his gaze met Yan Rusheng. He was puzzled.

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips as he frowned. Was this guy really that oblivious?

He had no choice but to put it across verbally. “Go to seat No. 6.”

His tone was decisive.

It still puzzled the guy as he had no idea why. For all he knew, he was sitting at the correct seat.

The movie was about to start, and Xuxu didn’t want people to stare at them. She walked past Yan Rusheng towards seat No. 6.

Yan Rusheng became anxious. He glared at the guy fiercely.

“Alright then.”