Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Feeding Her Oranges

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Xuxu stared at the screen without blinking, and her heart furiously pounded as the scenes unfold.

Suddenly a hand gently covered her belly, diverting her attention away from the movie. She was slightly startled.

“You carry on watching. I will protect our child.”

A man’s soft and gentle voice sounded next to her. His warm breath was mingled with the strong scent of red wine.

Xuxu’s breathing halted for a second.

She could still feel the warmth from his palm, despite the layers of clothing she was wearing. Her eyelashes slightly fluttered, and she was at a loss to where she should put her hands for a moment.

She decided to stand up. “It’s indeed too loud for me. I’ll make a move first.”

Yan Rusheng silently agreed that the violent and raging scenes weren’t suitable for Xuxu to watch.

He followed Xuxu closely. He held Xuxu’s hand as the theater was dark and there were only dim lights at the side of the aisle.

He whispered and reminded her to be careful.

Xuxu pulled her hand away from Yan Rusheng’s grip when they exited the movie theater. She then walked towards the elevator.

Yan Rusheng leisurely trailed after her.

Xuxu was about to walk towards the entrance of the mall when Yan Rusheng intercepted. “Xuxu, the car is at the basement carpark.”

Xuxu lightly replied, “You drank earlier.”

She didn’t want to drive his car.

“The chauffeur is here.” Yan Rusheng strode towards Xuxu and extended his hand.

Xuxu suddenly recoiled, but she still turned around to go to the basement.

Yan Rusheng’s hand hovered in mid-air, and he felt momentarily disheartened. He stared at Xuxu’s back for some time before smiling feebly.

Yan Rusheng, you’re asking for too much.

Tonight, you’ve held her hand several times. What more do you expect? Huh?

After adjusting himself, he strode quickly towards her. “Are you hungry? Let’s buy some food. What do you feel like eating?”

Xuxu kept a straight expression. She coldly replied, “I’m not hungry.”

Yan Rusheng grunted. He continued, “If you get hungry later, I can cook noodles for you. I’ve recently learned how to make noodles from Aunt Zhang.”

Xuxu bent her head, and she couldn’t help but smile. Her bright dewy eyes were twinkling.

Yan Rusheng had informed the chauffeur to pick them up when he drank earlier on. The chauffeur was waiting for them in the car.

Xuxu instantly opened the back door and closed it after she got in.

Yan Rusheng stood outside feeling rather helpless.

He went around the car and opened the door.

The moment he settled himself on the seat next to her, Xuxu could distinctly feel that the car tilted towards his side.

Yan Rusheng stretched his hand to get a white bag.

Xuxu couldn’t help but watch him as he bent his hand and began peeling an orange.

Her gaze hadn’t stopped for too long before she turned away to peer out the window.

“This afternoon I had lunch with a client and he gave them to me. He brought it back from abroad.” After peeling the skin, he pulled the orange apart and passed a wedge to Xuxu.

Xuxu glanced askew without moving and her eyes swiftly darted away.

Yan Rusheng didn’t give up. He stretched his hand towards Xuxu once more. “It’s really sweet. It’s much sweeter and juicier than those you’ve bought before.”

Xuxu’s mouth remained sealed so his outstretched hand hovered near her face.