Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Every Beginning Needs Plenty Of Courage

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Seconds passed by in silence that even the chauffeur began to get anxious. He thought to himself as he wished that his dear young madam would open her mouth. Third Young Master was really too sweet and thoughtful.

Finally, Xuxu opened her mouth and popped the wedge of orange into her mouth.

She spun her head away and looked out of the window. A faint smile gradually appeared and split into a wide smile.

Even though Yan Rusheng couldn’t see that she was secretly smiling, just the mere fact that she accepted the food from him had him overjoyed.

He felt emboldened and inched closer to Xuxu. He passed her another piece. “Is it nice?”

Xuxu continued eating without responding.

The chauffeur carefully slowed down to give his master more time to enjoy this blissful moment.

After they exited the elevator, Xuxu walked ahead as usual. She took out her keys and was about to open her door.

Yan Rusheng suddenly called out to her. “Xuxu…”

She stopped, spun around, and cast him a doubtful look.

Yan Rusheng had his hands stuffed in his pockets. He was breaking out in a cold sweat as he struggled to muster his courage, but in the end, he gave up.

His mouth was curled upwards as he softly said, “Good night.”

Xuxu responded with a vague ‘oh’ and entered her apartment.

It stunned Yan Rusheng. Huh?

She didn’t ignore him and even responded? Upon realizing it, Young Master Yan he felt overwhelmed.

He took out his keys to open the door. After changing into his slippers, he took a wineglass from the kitchen and walked to the dining table. He bent and opened a cupboard to retrieve a bottle of wine.

It was the same bottle they had during their candle-lit dinner before.

He poured a glass, and his long fingers clasped the wineglass. He took a sip and licked his lips. For him, the wine tasted even sweeter than before.

As he drank the wine, he walked towards the couch and turned on the music. He turned the volume down, and soft music began playing.

He then collapsed on the couch and settled himself in a comfortable position. His mouth was curled upwards in contentment.

His gaze landed on the space where the red bricks were. A crease appeared between his thick eyebrows.

When would he be able to open that door again?

Young Master Yan exhaled and gulped down the rest of the wine.

He had to work even harder now. After all, he was… an ordinary guy.

The living room was dim, and Xuxu was huddled on the couch. Her phone was beside her as the lyrics appeared on the screen.

‘I really wish that when I’m lonely, I would have someone with me… Love doesn’t condone fickle-mindedness. It’ll be such a pity if I let him go… If I really decide to give him my heart, can someone please tell him not to break it… Every time when love gets closer, it feels as though he is hugging me tightly… He stirred my emotions and covered my eyes, but didn’t tell me where we were headed…’

She rested her head on her knees as she gazed at a corner, lost in her own thoughts.

‘You don’t want your child to grow up in an incomplete family right…’

Xuxu eyes were glistening.

The chorus of the song repeated several times before it turned softer. It finally ended, and the next song began to play.


She sighed and took a deep breath. She laid down and curled her body.

‘Ah Sheng, every beginning needs plenty of courage.’

She couldn’t settle herself to do the work she had brought home that night.

Hence the next morning, Xuxu studied the information that Bleu gave her yesterday as she ate her breakfast.

Then she made some adjustments to the costume design.

After changing her clothes, she collected all the trash in garbage bags and left her house with the trash.