Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Perhaps They Would..

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Xuxu saw Yan Rusheng the moment she stepped out of the house. He was standing in front of the elevator with a phone in his hand.

He called her when he saw her coming out of her apartment. He stuffed his phone inside his pocket. “Let me send you to work.”

He bent to take the garbage bags from her.

Xuxu rejected him coolly. “I’ll go there myself.”

She pressed the elevator button.

The studio was far from Flourish & Prosper, and it was already the peak hour. If he sent her to work, she reckoned that he would reach Flourish & Prosper only after 10 a.m.

“There isn’t anything urgent this morning. I’ll give you a lift.” Yan Rusheng insisted.

He didn’t look at Xuxu and walked into the elevator without another word. He pressed the button to go to the basement.

Xuxu followed after him. She glanced at the elevator buttons, while Yan Rusheng glanced at her in suspense.

The elevator door closed, and her hand was still stuffed in the pocket of her coat. Seeing this, Yan Rusheng could hardly suppress a grin.

This meant that she had agreed to him sending her to work.

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

For the next few days, Yan Rusheng sent Xuxu to work and picked her up after work. The days went quickly in the blink of an eye.

“Xuxu, you are too awesome!”

Bleu came in after answering a call, and excitedly hugged Xuxu. Then he tightly hugged Rose and gave her a peck on her lips.

“Was it okay?” Rose pushed him away as she eagerly looked at him with sparkling eyes.

Bleu nodded. “Jue saw the draft, and she was really pleased.”

Then he turned around to look at Xuxu. “Xuxu, you are wonderful!”

Xuxu smiled and humbly said, “I merely edited the design you gave me.”

She had indeed merely made some minor changes, and it wasn’t really entirely her credit.

“This is the last piece, and since they’ve already accepted the draft then this project is considered complete!” Rose suddenly tiptoed and passionately kissed Bleu as she grabbed his neck.

Xuxu saw this scene and smiled quietly. Then she turned around to leave.

She knew the reason why Rose and Bleu were so excited. They could finally go back to their country and hold their wedding. It would be a wonderful conclusion to end their seven-year-long relationship.

Rose had been eagerly expecting that day for ages. She mentioned that she was the one who took the first initiative in their relationship. From the day she met Bleu, she had dreamt of marrying him. After two years of chasing after him, she had finally succeeded.

And Bleu didn’t disappoint her as well. Seven years already passed, and he still loved her very much. He even spent an entire year designing a wedding gown for her.

Wearing a beautiful wedding gown and holding the hand of someone you love as they enter the wedding hall—it was a dream that every young girl wanted to happen when they mature into a woman.

She was no different.

When she heard Rose and Bleu’s love story, she had a sudden thought. If only she was as brave and as passionate as Rose…

Perhaps they would…


Xuxu was lost in her thoughts as she descended the stairs in a daze. A familiar man’s voice brought her back to reality.

She stared at him in surprise. It was only 2 p.m. She thought, “Why was he here?”

The man was wearing a formal suit, and he stood by the door. His black blazer and white shirt complemented his gorgeous features. He exuded a manly and mature charm.

He stood there like a perfect and exquisite statue.

He lifted a bag that he was holding and smiled. “I met a client for lunch and I passed by this area. So, I bought you some cakes for teatime.”