Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 666

Chapter 666 He Seemed To Have Matured

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It overjoyed Yan Rusheng. “Okay, I’ll come and pick you up after work tonight. Call me if you have a place in mind. I’ll reserve seats.”

The reason he was so happy wasn’t that he didn’t need to cook, but rather, it was because Xuxu took the initiative to invite him out.

They haven’t had the opportunity to have dinner with just the two of them in months.

Every day, he would prepare meals for her. Even though they had their meals at the same time, they were always separated by a wall.

Xuxu slightly nodded. “Okay.”

“Then, I’ll make a move first.” Yan Rusheng stood up with a bright smile on his gorgeous face.

When he stood up, Xuxu suddenly realized how tall he was.

She thought to herself, “Ah Sheng, you can do this right?”

Xuxu watched Yan Rusheng as he vanished out of sight. Then her gaze landed on the cakes he had bought for her.

The bag was bulging; seems like he had bought Rose and Bleu’s share as well.

He seemed to have matured recently.

At least he had learned to be more compassionate, polite, and empathetic.

After tea time, Xuxu pored through some design materials. By the time she finished, it had almost been 5 p.m.

She deliberated for a moment before typing a text to a number she had memorized.

‘How about eating fried vermicelli tonight?’

“President Yan, these people obviously want to extort us. We can’t give in to them.”

“Exactly. If we agree to the requests of these greedy people, they will do it a second time.”

“Let’s wait and observe. Let’s see what they are up to.”

“But it will affect the progress of the project. If we can settle this and come to a compromise, why should we resort to such drastic actions?”

“What drastic actions? The county government clearly started this matter, and they are trying to stir trouble.”

There was a long pause…

During the meeting, the Flourish & Prosper’s Board of Directors were debating fiercely. His head throbbed painfully as the commotion dragged on, and so he massaged his head.

Suddenly he raised his head. He sternly said, “Enough. Stop talking.”

The huge meeting room instantly fell silent. Several pairs of eyes glanced apprehensively towards the man whose expression had turned stony.

No one dared to make a sound.

“Tomorrow, I’ll go…” a text notification interrupted Yan Rusheng. By instincts, he casually glanced at his phone and was about to ignore it.

But his eyes remained glued to the screen because of the sender—his wife.

He paused midway and picked up his phone. He clicked the text. ‘How about eating fried vermicelli tonight?’

It overwhelmed him with excitement and joy when he read the text.

He was excited, but he wasn’t exactly sure. He sent her a reply almost immediately. ‘Do you mean Yizhong?’

His eyes remained fixed on his phone after he sent the text, waiting eagerly for her reply.

As a result, he had neglected the Board of Directors.

Was he serious? This was such an important meeting and some of them flew back to the city just for this meeting. How could he let them sit and watch him in silence as he used his phone to chat with someone else?

How arrogant and rude he was!

But since when had he ever been humble? And when had he ever treated them politely?

His phone screen lit up finally, and Xuxu replied with a ‘Yeah.’