Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 667

Chapter 667 How Did You Know That I Was Sending This To Her?

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Yan Rusheng was excited, and he quickly replied.‘I’ll fetch you later.’

He lowered his head as he smiled foolishly at his phone, oblivious to his surroundings.

All the Board of Directors were staring at him with contempt. Where did his pride and ego go to? He had defended his wife publicly, argued with children and even tied his wife’s shoelaces!

Look at how pleased he looked when his wife had sent him a text!

This was too embarrassing, really too embarrassing.

Everybody felt that it was unfair. Why could he openly use his phone at a meeting? Yet, Yan Rusheng would give them a deathly glare if they merely make a call?

Yan Rusheng didn’t notice their expressions, neither did he bother to.

Xuxu replied with a curt‘yes’.

That’s great! He couldn’t believe that she was willing to have dinner with him. Does that imply that she was willing to forgive him? Was she ready to work things out together with him?

Regardless of the answer, that place held plenty of fond memories for both of them.

“President Yan.”

Someone became impatient and interrupted him with a soft voice.

He finally moved his vision away from the phone and back to the directors. The smile on his face instantly faded as he addressed all of them. “We’ll leave this matter until I’m back from the coastal county.”

On the brighter side, his tone and attitude seemed so much better as compared to a few minutes ago.

He rose and exited the meeting room.

Once they were out of the room, he turned to Qiao Jian and instructed him. “Order a bouquet of flowers.”

Tonight he will put in more effort so he could take a bigger step towards her. Perhaps things would take a huge turn once he’s back from his work trip. He might be able to get his wife back after a brief farewell.

Mmm he could hardly wait.

“Yes, President,” Qiao Jian replied politely. “What flowers would you like?”

Yan Rusheng spun around and eyed Qiao Jian with a frown. “Red roses, definitely red roses.”

Does he even need to be told? Red roses would represent his passion and his love for her.

Qiao Jian suppressed a grin, and he looked at him. “I’ll order 99 red roses?”

It seemed like his boss and his lady boss will be reconciling soon

In this case, would their spring arrive soon? Not too far away?

Then he wouldn’t need to tread so carefully around Yan Rusheng and be on tenterhooks the whole day long. Neither would he need to face a stony and solemn-faced boss the entire day.

‘Yay! ‘

“Oh” A thought struck Yan Rusheng, and he changed his mind. He frowned and said, “It’s too heavy, forget about the 99 roses. Make it nine roses instead.”

She was pregnant now, and it would be difficult for her to hold such a huge bouquet.

“Yes, President.” Qiao Jian pressed on after nodding. “Do you want me to send to lady boss’s workplace?”

Yan Rusheng shook his head. “Send the bouquet to my office. I’ll personally give it to her.”

Then he cast a doubtful glance at Qiao Jian. “How did you know I’m sending this to her?”

Qiao Jian was stumped for words and didn’t know how to respond.

He had an urge to retort,‘I don’t think you are that brave to send a bouquet to another woman.’

‘Don’t forget that the lady boss hasn’t forgiven you.’

‘So who else could the roses be for?’Even a fool would know the answer.

“Qiao Jian, you have recently become smarter.” Young Master Yan gave an approving look at Qiao Jian, he then turned around to walk away.

Qiao Jian was speechless.

“Clearly, it was you who was blinded with love, and it must have affected your intelligence,”Qiao Jian thought to himself.

He stared at Yan Rusheng’s back in disbelief. He muttered under his breath, “It’s true that those who are in love will turn into fools.”