Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 668

Chapter 668 What A Soft Fellow

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So the overbearing President was no exception.

Yan Rusheng drove to Xuxus work studio, and he stopped outside the entrance. He threw a glance at the bouquet lying behind his seat, and a blissful smile crept on his face.

He unfastened his seatbelt and opened his car door.

He was about to walk through the entrance when suddenly a white Land Rover sped past him. His face fell when he caught a glimpse of the owner.

The owner got off the car, and she was wearing a cropped black leather jacket, wine-red leather pants with studded knee-high boots. Her figure seemed elongated in that outfit.

She propped herself with a hand on her car. Next, she cooly took off her sunglasses as she flipped her short hair backward.

She happily beamed at Yan Rusheng and waved. "Hey, Third Young Master."

Yan Rusheng tightly furrowed his eyebrows, and disdain was clearly displayed on his face. "Why are you here?"

He just cant seem to shake this female hooligan off.

But at least she was being considerate and didnt put on thick makeup.

Zhou Shuang shrugged. She then casually quipped, "Im here to look for my comrade. Is there a problem?"

She closed her car door and began to walk towards the work studio with big strides.

Yan Rusheng hastened his footsteps and stood in front of the door, blocking Zhou Shuangs way.

He stared at her with hostility imbued in his eyes. "When did you change your gender?"

Wasnt the term comrades used by men?

Pardon Third Young Master who was too busy to surf the internet recently and wasnt updated with the popular terms used these days.

"Your wife and I" Zhou Shuang suddenly stopped talking as she tried to stifle her laughter. "Sorry, I almost forgot that both of you are in the midst of a divorce."

She re-phrased her words once more. "Xuxu and I are comrades for life. Dont be jealous."

She ruffled her hair and scrutinized Yan Rusheng in disdain from top to toe. "Yan Rusheng, why are you here?"

Yan Rusheng smugly raised his eyebrow. "My wife works here. Is there anything wrong with me appearing here?"

Zhou Shuang sneered. "Look how smug you are."

Ignoring Yan Rusheng, she tried to walk ahead.

Yan Rusheng refused to budge and coldly gazed at her. "You cant go in."

He had to think of a way to drive her away. If not, he wouldnt be able to execute his romantic and carefully thought plan.

He had been waiting for two months for this day, where he could finally have a chance to have dinner with her alone.

Zhou Shuang frowned. "Why?"

Yan Rusheng answered with a straight face. "She doesnt want to see you tonight. Weve already decided to go for dinner together."

His answer didnt fully convince Zhou Shuang. "Tch. Thats impossible. She treats you like air now."

"You dont believe?" Yan Rusheng decided to show her concrete evidence. He whipped out his phone to show her the texts. "Did you see that? She had initiated to text me and asked me out for dinner. Rude woman, be wise and leave quickly."

Zhou Shuang read the texts and admonished Xuxu fiercely. "What a soft fellow. It has only been two months."

Yan Rushengs animosity and enmity towards her deepened. As he had deduced, this female hooligan had indeed talked about him behind his back. She had caused so much trouble for Xuxu as well.

"So, you can leave now." Yan Rusheng turned around and opened the door.

Zhou Shuang followed him closely, but he had swiftly closed it after he entered.