Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 669

Chapter 669 Get Ready To Go Home

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Zhou Shuang stretched her hand to stop him from closing the door. But her hand wasn’t fast enough, and the closing of the door almost pinched her hands.

“Yan Rusheng! You are such a petty, vile, and pretentious guy!”

Zhou Shuang let out a tirade of insults against him. And to vent her residual anger, she kicked the door as hard as she could.


Xuxu heard the commotion from the second level and hastily left her office. She peered from the corridor from the second level.

She wasn’t surprised to see Yan Rusheng. She curiously glanced at the closed door. “Why did you shut the door? What was that sound?”

Yan Rusheng shook his head. “It was a beggar just now. I’ve already given her 100 yuan, and she wanted more. So, I shut the door, and she kicked it. To think that this beggar was so bad-tempered.”

As he explained, he walked towards her in a composed manner. He spoke casually and unhurriedly.

He didn’t look guilty at all.

Xuxu believed his story and didn’t press on.

She frowned as she gazed at the closed door. “This beggar is too much!”

How could she ask for more money and even kick the door?

Yan Rusheng bent his head to conceal an evil grin.

Xuxu stood at the staircase landing and waited for Yan Rusheng to ascend the stairs before going back to the office. Yan Rusheng followed her inside.

“Oh, someone is calling.” Xuxu’s phone was vibrating, and she walked quickly towards it. At that moment, the caller hung up.

Yan Rusheng had a shrewd hunch, so he walked to her side and cautiously eyed her phone. “Who’s that?”

He saw the name! It was that female hooligan.

“It’s Zhou Shuang. Let me call her to ask her.” Xuxu started to dial her number.

Yan Rusheng stopped her. “It’s getting late, we should leave first. You can call her on the road.”

He grabbed Xuxu’s bag while his other hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her along.

To others, and even to Xuxu, his series of actions seemed smooth and natural. But Yan Rusheng was secretly feeling awkward and nervous as his hands broke out in a cold sweat.

He berated himself for being so useless. He had been intimate with her before, but at that moment, he was dying from nervousness by just holding her hand.

But his self-lecturing was useless. His nervousness didn’t die down.

Yan Rusheng walked half a step before Xuxu as he straightened his back. He looked far away into the distance, trying to maintain a calm expression.

Xuxu glanced at her hand which he was holding. For a moment, violent waves attacked her heart, and in the next moment, she felt a warm current flowing through her.

She clenched her hands tightly as she followed Yan Rusheng. She wanted to look at him, but she was afraid of meeting his eyes.

Both of them were being rather glum. They were already married, and now they were expecting a baby. Why does it feel like they were traveling back in time as though they had just started their relationship?

When they stepped out of the office, Rose came out from another room.

She warmly smiled at Yan Rusheng. “Hello, Rusheng, the handsome guy. When did you arrive?”

Yan Rusheng slightly bowed. “Just reached.”

Rose glanced at Xuxu’s bag, which Yan Rusheng was holding. “Are you guys heading home?”

“We” Xuxu was about to answer when Yan Rusheng cut across. “Yes, we are going home. It has been a tiring day.”