Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 670

Chapter 670 A Well Thought Out Plan Was Ruined

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He nodded lightly with a smile on his face.

Xuxu could immediately hazard a guess on Yan Rusheng’s thoughts, and the corners of her mouth uncontrollably curled up.

What a chap with a petty mind!

Rose smiled and said, “Then go back early and have a good rest.”

Yan Rusheng grinned and didn’t utter a further word. He held Xuxu’s hand and descended the stairs.

Thank goodness he was quick-thinking. Otherwise, the two affectionate fellows would definitely want to tag along if they had found out that Xuxu wanted to dine out.

As they descended the stairs, Xuxu lowered her head and smiled.

Yan Rusheng pretended not to see. He gripped Xuxu harder on her wrist.

‘Dumb woman, what’s so funny?’

When they reached the entrance, Yan Rusheng opened the door. He had parked his car at the corner of the opposite courtyard.

When he saw his car, his face immediately sank. The next moment, he relinquished his grip on Xuxu and strode towards the front of his car. He bent down and stared at the front wheels.

Xuxu also realized something was amiss and walked closer to have a look. One of the front wheels was completely deflated, and the car tilted to one side.

Yan Rusheng squatted down to inspect the wheel inclined towards the wall. There was a big hole in it, and there were a lot of black particles on the ground. One look and one could tell that the someone had poked a hole with an electric drill.

He turned around and looked at the surrounding—there was a PVC processing workshop about five meters away.

His charming face turned more somber and moody. He clenched his fists in silence, almost biting his teeth off.

‘That female punk, you just wait!’

“What’s going on?” asked Xuxu as she pointed to the wheel. She could also tell what had caused the hole—an electric drill.

Obviously, someone must have done it on purpose.

Before Yan Rusheng could reply, she made another guess. “Could it be the beggar you mentioned earlier?”

Yan Rusheng nodded at Xuxu while trying his best to suppress his burgeoning rage. “Definitely.”

Xuxu also felt a little angry and found the beggar too hateful and mean.

She deliberated for a moment before saying, “Since we don’t have a car now, let’s not go anymore.”

Yizhong was quite a distance from their current location, whereas home was merely a few stops away.

“Let me make a call and get someone to bring a car over.” Yan Rusheng swiftly put his hand into his pockets and took out his cellphone.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows. “Don’t bother. It’s already late. By the time we reach there, it would be packed with people.”

She took back her bag from Yan Rusheng’s hand, turned around, and walked towards the roadside.

Yan Rusheng immediately followed behind her. “Xuxu.”

Xuxu replied, “I’m going home. You’ll be going to the coastal county tomorrow, so go home and rest early too.”

Yan Rusheng noticed that her hands were already tucked inside the pockets of her down-feathered coat, and he felt extremely annoyed.

That female punk had ruined a well thought-out plan in the end.

In fact, today could have been the day for him to bring their relationship one step further. After dinner, he had planned to bring her to the courtyard in Yizhong, strolling hand in hand with her along the brook at the back alley of Yizhong, reminiscing the past.

Oh, how wonderful would that be!

Who knows? She might instantly rekindle her love for him or even lose control of her emotions and kiss him.

The plan that had excited him the entire afternoon…

“Xuxu, please wait a while.” Young Master Yan pondered and seemed to have recalled something all of a sudden.

After calling out to Xuxu, he turned and ran back to the car as he tossed out his keys. He opened the back passenger door, and then bent over and retrieved the bouquet of roses.

Then he closed the door.

Xuxu turned her body sideways and looked at the man who was walking towards her. Under the setting sun, his handsome face looked even more gorgeous than the flowers in his hands, like a remnant of ancient times.

Her fair cheeks blushed with a tinge of red. Just when Yan Rusheng was about to reach her, she spun around, quickened her steps and strode forward.