Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Fang Jiayin Is Back

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He poured himself a glass of red wine when he reached home. He then walked over to the red brick wall. Touching the wall lightly with his wineglass, a crisp voice echoed. “My wife, wait for me to come back.”

When he returned, he would definitely knock down this wall again.

At the airport, Rose hugged Xuxu. She was a bit reluctant to part. “Xuxu, if you are visiting Country Y next time, you must come and look for us. We will surely miss you.”

Xuxu patted her on the back and smiled genuinely. “Me too.”

Enthusiastic and forthright—their pleasure or anger could be clearly seen on their faces, and they were not at all pretentious.

When she interacted with Charles, it gave her the same kind of feeling. It made her wonder if a place where one lives makes a man who he is.

She really enjoyed their company and loved making friends with such candid people.

Rose reluctantly let go of Xuxu and shifted her gaze to her little tummy. “When the little babies are out, you must remember to send us a photo. They’ll definitely be very adorable as they have such a handsome father and…”

Before Rose could finish speaking, Bleu suddenly clutched his chest and feigned sadness. “Hey my darling, I’m jealous. I’m so sad to hear you praise another man.”

Xuxu and Rose burst out laughing when they saw him behaving in that manner.

Su Yan, who was standing next to them, also grinned. He looked at the time and said, “It’s almost time to board the plane.”

Rose and Bleu nodded their heads and took a last look at Xuxu. She was waving at her at the same time. “Goodbye, Xuxu.”

Xuxu smiled. “I wish you a blissful marriage and always be lovey-dovey towards each other.”

Together with Su Yan, they walked Bleu and Rose to the check-in area. After they had cleared the security check, Su Yan and Xuxu turned around and headed for the exit.

He had parked the car near the exit door. Su Yan walked over to the driver seat and opened the car door.

Xuxu trailed behind. She was about to open the front passenger door when she noticed that her shoelace had come loose.

She bent down to tie it.

“Yes, I know. Please don’t hurry me anymore.”

Suddenly, a tall and slender woman walked past her from behind. She was wearing a dark red, mid-length woolen sweater, and her silky waist-length hair fell past her back.

Xuxu shuddered in shock. She straightened herself slowly and looked at the woman. She was holding her phone. The familiar voice got softer as she gradually vanished out of sight.

She’s back.

“Xuxu?” Su Yan noticed Xuxu staring into blank space outside the car. He stretched out his hand and opened the door for her. He looked at her puzzledly. “What are you staring at? Saw someone you know?”

Xuxu snapped out of her daze and retracted her gaze. She smiled at Su Yan and shook her head. “No.”

Thereafter, she got into the car.

Once in the car, she reclined her seat slightly. She laid down and closed her eyes.

For the rest of the journey, she remained silent and kept a frown.

When they almost reached Xuxu’s house, Su Yan could hold it no longer and looked at her. He asked, “Xuxu, is something troubling you?”

Xuxu answered lightly with her eyes closed. “Fang Jiayin is back.”

“Oh.” Su Yan wasn’t surprised. Instead, he was curious about Xuxu’s reaction. “What are you worried of?”

“Nothing.” Xuxu shook her head and opened her eyes. She sat up straight and adjusted the seat back to its original position.

She looked at Su Yue and asked, “How are Yueyue’s results lately?”

Su Yan nodded. “Oh, there’s a great improvement.”

Xuxu responded with an ‘oh’ and gave no further response. At the same time, they arrived at the entrance of her district.

“You can stop here,” she informed Su Yan and proceeded to unfasten her seatbelt, getting ready to alight.