Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Third Young Master Wants To Speak With You

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However, Su Yan didn’t stop his car. Instead, he made a turn and drove the car to the basement carpark.

After taking the parking ticket, he smiled and said to Xuxu, “Ever since that fellow arranged for Aunt Zhang to come to your place, I have nothing to eat at home. So I’ll have a free meal at your place before going back.”

‘That fellow…’

The way this chap addressed his brother didn’t really surprise her, for he had always been unpredictable.

One moment ‘Old Third Master’, the next moment ‘Third Brother’ and now, ‘that fellow’. One time, he even called him Yan Rusheng.

Since Su Yan wanted to have dinner, Xuxu let him be.

When they came out of the elevator, Xuxu gestured to Su Yan where Yan Rusheng’s apartment was. He then proceeded to knock on the door.

Seeing Xuxu taking out her keys to open her door, Su Yan looked at her, bewildered. “What are you doing?”

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows. “I’m going home.”

‘Or else, what do you think I’m doing?’

Su Yan retracted his hand and walked over to Xuxu. “Then I’ll go to your house to have a seat.”

Xuxu shot him a cold expression. “You’re not welcome.”

After that, she opened her door and went in a flash. She shut the door behind her.

Aunt Zhang happened to open the door at the same time and stuck out her head. She was pleasantly surprised to see Su Yan. She smiled as she greeted him. “Young Master Su Yan.”

Su Yan politely smiled at her. “Aunt Zhang.”

Aunt Zhang looked towards the direction of Xuxu’s door. “Is Xuxu home?”

Su Yan replied, “Yes, she’s back.”

“In that case, ask her to come over and eat. Dinner is ready. I’ll go and lay out the dishes.” Aunt Zhang went back into the house after saying that.

Su Yan clenched his fists and profusely pounded on Xuxu’s door. He shouted, “Wen Xuxu, dinner is ready.”

In his foreign-accented Mandarin.

Xuxu changed into a set of comfortable lounge wear and emerged from her house.

In the past, she was particularly fond of cartoon characters. Now that she’s pregnant, her psychological age had gone back even further. She was wearing a pale blue lounge wear with an adorable print of a cat lazily licking its paws.

When she stepped in, Su Yan stared at her clothes. With regrets clouding his mind, he commented, “It’s a pity that I didn’t bring my camera along.”

Xuxu rolled her eyes at him before walking to the dining table.

Aunt Zhang was laying out the cutleries, and she walked towards her to extend her help. “Aunt Zhang.”

“Missy must be hungry. Quickly come over and eat,” said Aunt Zhang. She then chuckled. After that, she went back into the kitchen and brought out a bowl of soup.

There were four dishes and a bowl of soup—a chicken soup, pieces of meat and fish, a prawn and a vegetables dish—a well-balanced diet.

“Missy, Third Young Master had instructed me to boil more soup for you. So you must drink more.” Aunt Zhang scooped a bowl of soup for Xuxu and placed it in front of her.

Su Yan, who was sitting beside her, cast her a sideward glance and shook his head. “This chap has ill intentions. He wants to turn you into a fat woman and then dump you.”

He had barely finished his sentence when Aunt Zhang frowned and chided him. “Young Master, don’t spout nonsense.”

Su Yan mischievously stuck out his tongue.

“Aunt Zhang, is that your phone ringing?”

Xuxu heard a familiar ringtone all of a sudden and asked Aunt Zhang as she tried searching where the sound came from.

“It’s my cellphone.” Aunt Zhang heard the ringtone and quickly stood up to pick up her phone. When she saw the caller display, she smiled and faced the screen at Xuxu. “The call is from Third Young Master.”

She placed the phone to her ear and answered, “Third Young Master.”

She spoke as she walked back to the dining table. “Just arrived and having dinner.”

“Yes, we are eating together.”


After Yan Rusheng spoke briefly to Aunt Zhang, he was eager to speak to Xuxu.

Aunt Zhang passed the phone to Xuxu. “Missy, Third Young Master wants to speak with you.”