Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 674

Chapter 674 Didnt She Ask You Out For Dinner?

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“What do you want?” Xuxu took over the phone and pressed the speaker button before placing it on the table. She ate as she spoke to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng asked, “Did the two foreigners left today?”

“Their names are Bleu and Rose.” Xuxu corrected the way Yan Rusheng addressed her friends. How could he be so disrespectful? What foreigners? “They had left.”

“So, in the future, you’ll be alone in that broken down warehouse?” Yan Rusheng asked out of concern.

Xuxu covered her mouth and chuckled as she instinctively looked at Su Yan.

Su Yan’s face darkened, and he was speechless.

What broken down warehouse? That was his office, his office, alright! Why did everything turn into rubbish when it reached his mouth?

Can this person be a little more tasteful and thoughtful?

Xuxu laughed for a while before asking him. “Anything else?”

Without waiting for Yan Rusheng to reply, Su Yan suddenly intercepted. “If there’s nothing else, please hang up.”

When he heard Su Yan’s voice, Yan Rusheng lost his composure. “Why are you there?”

Su Yan snatched the phone over. He picked up a piece of vegetable and shoved it into his mouth. He spoke as he chewed. “I sent Xuxu home, and she invited me over for dinner.”

There was a pause. Just when Yan Rusheng was about to speak, he suddenly opened his mouth and interrupted him. “You don’t have to worry. While you’re away these few days, I sent Xuxu back and forth from work.”

Yan Rusheng said, “It’s alright, I’ll arrange a driver for her.”

“Let’s not talk anymore. I’m hanging up.” Su Yan didn’t care that Yan Rusheng was getting all flustered on the other end. He abruptly hung up the call.

Xuxu continued to look down and ate her food, ignoring them.

After dinner, she bade Aunt Zhang goodbye and went back to her own house.

When she stepped into the house, she headed straight for the sofa and sat down. She lazily lay down. She then stretched her hand to pick up her cellphone, which was on the coffee table.

She glanced at the screen and saw a few messages and unanswered calls, but she wasn’t in the least surprised.

The corners of her mouth slightly curled up. She launched her messages and read them one by one.

‘Xuxu, have you knocked off?’

‘Xuxu, have you eaten?’

‘Why are you not replying my message? Can you give me a reply?’

‘Xuxu, did something happen to you? Why are you not answering my call?’

“Like a broken record,” Xuxu muttered and sent back a reply. ‘Just had my dinner. What’s the matter?’

At the other end of the line, Yan Rusheng seemed to hug his phone while anticipating her reply. The minute she sent out her message, his reply came instantly. ‘Just wanted to ask if you’ve had your dinner. What did Aunt Zhang cook for you today?’

Xuxu replied, ‘Many dishes.’

Without waiting for Yan Rusheng to respond, she sent out another message.‘Have you reached the coastal county? Did the matter go smoothly?’

Yan Rusheng texted, ‘Tomorrow, I’ll be having a meal with the local government. If everything runs smoothly, I’ll probably be back by the next day.’

He followed up with another message. ‘Many dishes? I’m so pitiful. Until now, I’ve yet to have my dinner.’

Xuxu sensed that he didn’t want to talk about his work and didn’t probe further. She replied to him accordingly. ‘No one brought you out for dinner?’

Yan Rusheng: ‘No.’

Xuxu: ‘Where are you staying this time?’

Yan Rusheng: ‘The usual five-star hotel.’

When she saw the words ‘ five-star hotel’, Xuxu instantly recalled the disappointed expression on Yan Rusheng’s face when he saw the signage on the hotel’s entrance previously. She couldn’t help but laugh. She swiftly texted,‘That’s good. I remembered little Xiaoling liked you. Didn’t she ask you out for dinner?’