Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 675

Chapter 675 God Really Loved Making Fools Out Of People

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Yan Rusheng typed, ‘The little girl isn’t around, but her mother is. She ignored my request for an extra blanket. The bed is so stiff and hard.’

Xuxu bluntly replied, ‘Do you think everyone will give in to you?’

She certainly knew that Yan Rusheng was exaggerating. With his wealth and status, everyone would clamor to fawn over him. How could anyone reject such an opportunity?

Yan Rusheng quickly texted a reply. ‘Xuxu, I was a horrible jerk in the past. From now on, I’ll let you have your way, and I’ll dote on you.’

Xuxu blushed when she read the text, but she concealed her emotions. ‘Who needs you to dote on me? Hurry and do your stuff.’

Yan Rusheng typed. ‘I still remember you saying Ah Sheng, I like you. Ah Sheng, I’m in pain.’

His text had Xuxu dumbstruck that blood instantly rose from her neck to her cheeks.

How did he remember? Didn’t he forget everything?

Yan Rusheng seemed to have guessed what was on Xuxu’s mind, and so he replied, ‘I’ve always loved you, perhaps even before you loved me. It’s just that I was too foolish to even realize that the feelings I had towards you was love. I thought the reason you went to A university was to join that stupid society filled with guys. So, I used my connections, making sure the society would close in that university.’

Yan Rusheng continued to reveal all the things he had done behind Xuxu’s back.

Everything he said made Xuxu half-amused and half-exasperated.

And just like that, they texted each other for almost two hours. Finally, Yan Rusheng remembered that Xuxu had to wake up early for work the next day, and so he decided to stop reminiscing about their shared memories.

‘Xuxu, I miss you. Can you send me your photo?’

Xuxu asked, ‘Why?’

Yan Rusheng answered, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t use it for vile purposes.’

Xuxu blushed crimson once more and typed a word. ‘Scram!’ She then locked the screen on her phone.

She was just beginning to be nicer to him, but his true personality revealed once more.

After she had taken a shower, she warmed a cup of milk and walked towards the dressing table.

She sat down and gazed at her own reflection in the mirror. Then she pulled and opened her drawer.

She took out a red wooden box and her diary. She unlocked the diary using a pencil.

She began reading her entries from the first page.

‘Dear arrogant Ah Sheng, why can’t you aim higher and choose A university instead?’

‘I’ve always loved you, perhaps even before you loved me… I thought that you were going to A university…’

When she reached the last page, Xuxu closed the diary. She heavily sighed to herself and helplessly smiled.

God really loved making fools out of people.

She put down the diary and prised the wooden box open. She put on the plastic ring once more.

She took out the photo and gazed at the boy in the photo. She casually flipped the photo to the back and received a shock.

‘Xuxu, I’m sorry.’

Bleu and Rose had just completed a project, so there weren’t any upcoming projects. So, Xuxu researched designs and read some fashion design magazines for the entire day.

Su Yan brought Su Yue along in the evening. He proposed to have dinner together.

Su Yan entered the restaurant first to order food while the two girls followed behind.


Someone called her name when she was outside the restaurant’s entrance. Xuxu turned to look at the person and she smiled. “Miss Tang.”

Tang Feiling walked towards her and smiled. “Are you here for dinner?”

Xuxu nodded. “Yeah.”

Tang Feiling continued, “What a coincidence. I’m meeting Ansheng for dinner, join us then.”

Xuxu cordially rejected her. “It’s ok, I’m with my friends.”

She turned around, held Su Yue’s hand, and was about to leave.

Tang Feiling was someone who loves others to pander to her. When Xuxu rejected her invitation twice, she couldn’t stand it any longer. It revealed her scheming personality. “Wen Xuxu, Yan Rusheng is in deep trouble, but look at you. Enjoying yourself and having fun.”