Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Was She So Substandard?

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Xuxu’s heart fell with a thump when she heard those words. She stopped in her tracks.

She turned back and looked at Tang Feiling. “Miss Tang, can you be more specific?”

She already had a hunch that he had encountered a major problem this time. But from Tang Feiling’s tone, the problem seemed to be more serious than she thought.

Noticing that her words had aroused Xuxu’s attention, a smug expression flashed across her eyes. She marched towards her, arrogance clear in her every step. “Flourish & Prosper’s investment in the coastal county holiday resort had just begun work when…”

She spoke as she walked when all of a sudden, a cold and aloof voice sounded from behind her. “Tang Feiling!”

Tang Feiling received a shock and her body slightly shuddered. She immediately shut her mouth and turned towards the direction of the voice with a smile on her face. A gorgeous man dressed in a deep red suit, matched with a white tie which further accentuated his extraordinary class, stood behind them.

“Ansheng,” Tang Feiling sweetly called out to him. She then ran up to Ming Ansheng, overwhelmed with joy. “You’re so punctual today.”

She usually had to wait half an hour for him whenever they would dine together.

At least half an hour.

Ming Ansheng shot a cold stare at Tang Feiling and she immediately clammed up, not daring to take a second look at his cold and threatening eyes.

After that, Ming Ansheng softened his expression and looked at Xuxu. “Xuxu, you are here for dinner too?”

Xuxu nodded and hummed softly in agreement.

Her mind was preoccupied with worries for Yan Rusheng.

She wondered what major problem Flourish & Prosper was facing. It had been almost three days since he bought her cakes for afternoon tea, and she hadn’t seen or heard any news regarding Flourish & Prosper. Perhaps they had been kept in the dark.

But the truth will eventually come to light. She thought, “If something really serious happened, the news would leak out very soon.”

Furthermore, Tang Feiling had already got wind of it, so it wouldn’t be kept under the wraps for too long.

“Ansheng, let’s go in.” Tang Feiling linked herself around Ming Ansheng’s arm and pressed her body close to his.

Her fake gentle voice made Ming Ansheng raise his eyebrows in disgust.

He withdrew his hand from her arm and strode with huge steps into the restaurant, stopping short in front of Xuxu.

With his great perception, he could tell that Tang Feiling’s words affected Xuxu. Her thoughts were probably running wild.

He lowered his head and looked at her with an assuring smile. “Don’t think too much. Nothing is too difficult for Third Yan to handle. We should have faith in him.”

Xuxu nodded and hummed. Soon, she broke into a smile.

But it was a forced one.

“Little Yueyue.”

Su Yue stood beside Xuxu and her childish face still looked cold and distant. Ming Ansheng smiled and affectionately called out to her.

“Uncle!” Su Yue lifted her eyes and addressed Ming Ansheng before looking down again.

In the eyes of outsiders, she would be deemed disrespectful and arrogant.

Her attitude had definitely infuriated Tang Feiling, including the Gods. She had been engaged to Ming Ansheng for over a year and had never seen such a smile on his face.

Or rather, she has yet to see him smiling at her in that manner.

Yet, that little lass had the boldness to be so standoffish in her behavior.

Furthermore, when he was chatting with Xuxu earlier, he sounded gentle and mild. But he was always cold towards her. If it’s not because of the pressure from her grandfather, he would have already ghosted their engagement party. Was she really that substandard?