Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Not Something A Pregnant Lady Should Be Worried About

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How infuriating!

Tang Feiling was boiling with anger as she stared at both Xuxu and Su Yueespecially towards Su Yue. Even though she was just a young lass, she couldnt help but feel an utmost hatred and jealousy towards her.

Ming Ansheng was already used to Su Yue addressing him as an uncle.

He smiled at her and asked, "How are your results recently? Any improvement?"

Su Yue merely gave him a swift glance, appearing exceedingly haughty.

Ming Ansheng had already expected that she wouldnt answer. He chuckled and brushed it aside. "In that case, I shall not ask you both to join me for dinner."

He saidInotwe.

Xuxu replied, "Ill bring Yueyue in."

She held Su Yues hand and walked into the restaurant.

After he watched them leave with the waiter, his expression turned stony once more as he walked towards Tang Feiling.

Tang Feiling shrunk back in fear. "Ansheng."

Ming Ansheng was livid, and he commanded, "Tang Feiling, seal your mouth."

Then he turned around and left her alone.

Tang Feiling panicked and frantically rushed after him. "Ansheng, where are you going to? We havent had dinner!"

She tottered after him in her high heels. It was impossible for her to catch up.

She was both furious and anxious.

She finally managed to ask him out after three months, but Wen Xuxu jinxed it all!

Tang Feiling glanced back at the restaurantthe capital citys most famous and largest Sichuan restaurant. Why did she even have a sudden craving for spicy meals?!

After Su Yan had ordered two dishes, he pushed the menu to Xuxu. "You should order as I dont know what else you like to eat."

"You can order." Xuxu pushed the menu back to him.

She was frowning and had a look of gloom on her face. Su Yan could tell that something troubled her. "What happened earlier? You were fine before you came into the restaurant, but now you look so troubled."

Xuxu looked up at Su Yan. "Su Yan, whats wrong with Flourish & Prosper?"

She was sure he knew although he appeared nonchalant about Flourish & Prosper. But it doesnt mean that he didnt care.

But she also knew that even if he knew, he wouldnt have told her anything.

That was the reason she had stopped herself from asking him.

"Hmmm." Su Yan pondered for a moment as he flipped the menu. His head was bent down. He casually said, "Seems like there were some problems with the construction, and a worker is injured. Isnt that fellow there to resolve the issue now?"

Judging from Su Yans actions, Xuxu had a shrewd hunch that Yan Rusheng had met a real problem. She began to probe further. "I just have a feeling that this matter isnt simple."

Su Yan finally raised his head and cast her a disapproving glance. "No matter how serious this matter is, its not something a pregnant lady should be worried about."

Xuxu rested her case and concluded their conversation. "Lets order then."

Xuxu didnt eat much during dinner.

She had initially planned to go shopping with Su Yue to buy some new clothes for herself and her, but now she was too worried to do so.

Su Yue and Su Yan sent her home. She dived right into bed after a shower while clenching her phone.

Her phone was quiet all evening and there werent any calls or texts.