Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 679

Chapter 679 I Believe That He Isnt That Kind Of Person

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‘This morning, the local news channel in the coastal county reported that Flourish & Prosper’s President Yan Rusheng had sexual relationships with three under-aged girls after he was drunk. Reporters have currently flocked to Flourish & Prosper’s building. In addition, news broke out that Flourish & Prosper’s project in the coastal county had used inferior materials in the construction of their resort villa. This has led to the deaths of four workers and nine others injured.’

‘Flourish & Prosper has used all sorts of methods to block this news from spreading…’

Wait… something was amiss. Yesterday, Yan Rusheng said that he had already resolved the matter. He even promised to come home as soon as possible.

Even if his intention was only to reassure her, he wouldn’t have dropped a promise that he would definitely be home that day.

Someone must have found out about matter being resolved and seized the opportunity to attack Flourish & Prosper.

After analyzing the whole situation, she went back to her room to change. After washing up, she grabbed a coat and opened the door.

“Young Madam.”

Yan Rusheng had arranged a chauffeur for Xuxu. He was already waiting outside the apartment, and when Xuxu opened the door, he politely bowed.

“Take me to Flourish & Prosper,” Xuxu said as she closed the door. She pulled up the zipper at the sides of her boots.

Yan Rusheng’s scandal had spread like wildfire across the country. He occupied all the headlines of major newspapers and online sites early in the morning.

The alarming number of reporters outside Flourish & Prosper’s entrance shocked Xuxu.

Instinctively, she pressed her hand on her belly and took a deep breath before getting off the car.

This had the chauffeur worried. He advised, “There are too many people. Let’s make a detour.”

It was no secret that Xuxu was pregnant.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful,” Xuxu reassured the chauffeur.

She walked with determination towards the building.

“It’s Third Madam Yan!”

A reporter spotted her and rushed towards her. The rest followed suit with their cameras and microphones.

With a raised tone of voice, she said to them, “Please don’t rush towards me. I’m pregnant so please be careful.”

Her warning succeeded in making the reporters slow down as they approached her.

Her child would most likely be the future successor of Flourish & Prosper. If something untoward were to happen to her, no one could bear the responsibility.

The chauffeur had called the security team to protect Xuxu, and they formed a circle around her.

The reporters relentlessly fired questions at her as they crowded around her.

“Third Madam Yan, what are your views towards Third Master’s scandal with the under-aged girls?”

“There are rumors saying that you have divorced Third Master, is it true?”

“Did Third Master travel to the coastal county to settle the deaths of the workers?”

“Now that Third Master is in deep trouble, do you have any plans for yourself?”

There was a long pause…

The questions were rather similar in essence albeit rephrased differently.

There was finally a break in their questions, and Xuxu grabbed the chance to answer. “I’ll definitely stand by him for I believe that he isn’t that kind of person.”

Her voice was crisp and clear. She sounded firm.

“Then you…”

Another reporter was about to speak when Xuxu silenced all of them.

She spoke unhurriedly, “Everyone, please don’t rush. I heard your questions, and I know you are eager to get answers. I’m willing to spend some time to answer every question, so please don’t be anxious. As I’m feeling a little unwell, I won’t be able to stay long if it’s too noisy.”