Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 680

Chapter 680 Hit A Person When He Is Down

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“There are indeed some problems with the holiday resort project in the coastal county. Regarding the issue of inferior materials…” She had paused before she continued, “Flourish & Prosper will never do something like this. From the day Flourish & Prosper was founded, it has always prided itself on its quality and reputation. No matter how foolish we might be, we will never resort to using inferior materials.”

She surveyed the faces around her and once again sharply spoke, “Actually, President Yan’s main objective for building the holiday resort isn’t for profits.”

It had piqued everyone’s curiosity. “Then what’s the reason? Is there a story?”

Calm and composed, she said, “I went on a work trip to the coastal county with President Yan not long ago, and we both realized that the transport system isn’t well-developed at all. So, if you were an investor, would you choose to invest in a place like that?”

Everyone fell silent.

“We have given up on the thought of investing when we reached the county. But when I saw the scenery there, I sighed and remarked, ‘This would be a wonderful place for retirement.’ After hearing my remark, he changed his mind and wanted to purchase it as a present for me—to build a holiday resort. If we can earn profits, it will be ideal. Even if we didn’t, it won’t matter. We just wanted to stay there when we are old.”

Xuxu bowed her head as she was rather embarrassed by her own words.

She lifted her head and furrowed her eyebrows. “Would we choose inferior materials for our retirement place? Aren’t we harming ourselves?”

Of course, the reporters didn’t believe every word she said.

“Do you mean that President Yan would have done everything in his power just for you, Third Madam Yan?”

“If Third Master really loves you so much, why is Miss Fang in the picture?”

There was a long pause…

Xuxu understood their question. ‘If Third Master really loved you, he wouldn’t get into an affair with another woman.’

There was a feeble smile on her face. She calmly said, “Those scandals and rumored flings were frequently reported in the past too. Miss Fang is simply just one of them. Please spare a thought for her and leave her alone.”

Xuxu raised her pitch and seemed to proclaim. “I only know that I’m Yan Rusheng’s wife and the lady boss of Flourish & Prosper. My baby is his and we are childhood sweethearts. He didn’t marry someone else and neither would he give this official status to someone else.”

There was a trace of admirable courage and dominance in her voice.

She was Yan Rusheng’s wife, and he loved her.

“So, Flourish & Prosper would never tarnish its own reputation, more so taint its glorious record and history in the industry. And certainly not this project,” she sharply said. “We won’t rule out the possibility of the workers having ulterior motives since Flourish & Prosper is unreachable to them. When this issue occurred, Flourish & Prosper promptly dealt with it, and furthermore, President Yan had personally gone there.”

“Flourish & Prosper isn’t the only company that has reported deaths or injuries during the construction of such projects. But Flourish & Prosper is one of the rare few companies to have their President handle it personally and promptly. Furthermore, this is Flourish & Prosper we are talking about.”

She scanned all the faces as she smiled at them.

Her unwavering confidence from inside her was admirable.

“The news that everyone saw today, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not as long as I trust him. He has led Flourish & Prosper to greater heights within a year after he took over the role as President. He isn’t someone who is foolish or dumb. Why would he do something so irrational and dumb to ruin himself then? In today’s society, there are plenty of people who love to hit a person when he is down.”