Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 681

Chapter 681 Had Already Expected This To Happen

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Her words brought a new light to the reporters, and many in the crowd nodded in agreement.

More importantly, Xuxu was magnanimous and unaffected as she said those words, which made her appear more convincing.

“So, according to Third Madam Yan’s interpretation, it could be a deliberate act by someone to frame President Yan?”

Xuxu nodded her head and confidently replied, “Yes, obviously!”

“What evidence do you have?”

Xuxu maintained her poise and smiled. “President Yan is not a lecher. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out. Those female celebrities he had dated were merely his flings, and he had maintained their relationships to no more than a meal at the dinner table, not to mention holding hands—never!”

She didn’t underestimate the resourcefulness of these reporters.

“Oh, yes. Previously on a TV show, Min Jiao had accused President Yan of having problems in that area.”

“Didn’t Ouyang Qingqing also made a terrible racket in a mall saying President Yan was impotent?”

There was a long pause…

As what Xuxu had expected, many reporters spilled past scandals of Yan Rusheng, some of which she hadn’t even heard of.

“Third Madam Yan, you said that President Yan was set up by someone. So do you have any suspect in mind? Is it convenient for you to share with us?”

“Is it because of Flourish & Prosper’s grandeur that invited unnecessary trouble? Could he have offended some business rivals?”

“Or was it all because of Third Master’s himself? He had always treated others with contempt and must have unknowingly offended many people. Hence, could people be taking revenge on him?”

There’s nothing that reporters didn’t dare to ask unless it’s something they do not know.

But Xuxu had already achieved her aim. They already believed that Yan Rusheng was being set up, and she needed to continue steering the public opinions.

She had to let the public be inclined to believe that Yan Rusheng was framed and to blow up the matter to serve as a deterrence to the opponent.

As Xuxu thought of the reporters’ questions, she started to talk. “It’s not impossible. President Yan can be haughty at times and might have shamed those who tried to pander to him or fawn over him. But specifically who the person is…”

She paused and deliberated for a moment before continuing with some reservations in her words. “I have a few suspects in mind. But as I do not have concrete evidence yet, I should not be making wild guesses. But eventually, the truth cannot be falsified and lies can never be verified. So everyone, please be patient and wait for me to find the evidence.”

After that, she bowed politely to everyone. “I would like to thank everyone for your concerns for Flourish & Prosper and President Yan.”

The reporters aimed their cameras at her and snapped away non-stop.

After a while, the security guards escorted her into Flourish & Prosper’s main entrance.

As she had already made her stand, the reporters didn’t pester her further.

“It’s absurd, absolutely absurd.”

“Since the inception of Flourish & Prosper, we have never encountered such scandal.”

“We’re done for this time. He has ruined Flourish & Prosper’s reputation.”

“When his grandmother was around, he was already like this, getting involved with different celebrities or models every day. I have already expected that he would get into trouble one day.”

” Hmph. The elderly Chairman shouldn’t have made him the successor of Flourish & Prosper.”

A crowd had already gathered at the President’s office. The words from the elderly directors were getting intensively fierce, and some were even extreme and directly attacking him.

Xuxu had already expected this situation. When she stepped out of the elevator, she halted her steps and waited for them to calm down a little before she walked in.