Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Didn't Achieve Their Aim

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A crisp and clear voice suddenly sounded from the crowd and it had caught them unaware. “When he acquired fame and honor for Flourish & Prosper and when he helped double your gains, why didn’t all of you thank him?”

It caught everyone in a shock. Traces of guilt flashed across some of their faces.

Everyone turned towards the entrance and noticed a small and inconspicuous figure standing there. Her sarcastic smile made some thin-skinned wrinkled faces turn red from shame.

“Xuxu, we…”

Someone walked towards Xuxu and tried to explain, but Xuxu coldly cut him off. “People are trying to add insult to his injuries at this point in time, so are you also trying to make use of this opportunity to attack him as well?”

Those elderly who felt they had a part to play in the success of Flourish & Prosper couldn’t stand Xuxu’s questioning and interrogation.

“What are you talking about?”

“Precisely. Did we say anything wrong? Since he took office, how many scandals was he involved in? How much damaged had he caused to Flourish & Prosper’s reputation? Just towards the end of last year, his relationship with that violinist was the talk of the town, and he was already a married man.”

The group of sly old foxes was bent on sowing dissension, causing her thoughts to waver.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and flashed a cold smiled. “Those were none of your business. I am not bothered by them, so why should you?”

The moment she posted them this question, they couldn’t find the words to refute her.

As Yan Rusheng’s wife, she didn’t even lose her head or panic when he was involved in scandals with women, so why should they be worried?

If it’s Zhou Shuang, she would definitely say that all of them were a pain in the ass.

Seeing that some of the wrinkled faces had turned red from her chiding, Xuxu struck them while the iron was hot. She continued speaking in a cold tone, “Uncles, or rather, I should address some of you as grandfathers. It’s time to stop being an opportunist and attempting to attack President Yan at this moment. Please bear in mind that Flourish & Prosper belongs to the Yan family, and President Yan’s power and grandeur can never be destroyed.”

As she had seen through their thoughts, some of them couldn’t hold it any longer and flew into a rage. “We’re just stating the facts and we didn’t expect you to be as disrespectful as Third Yan. After all, we are still your elders.”

Xuxu frowned and her voice turned even colder. “Then do what an elder should do. When you saw such news early in the morning, instead of showing concerns for President Yan and extending your helping hands, you flared up in the office and attempted to sow dissension. Even ganging up with outsiders to put down President Yan.”

She continued lashing out at them. “Directors, please correct your attitudes and readjust your thoughts. Otherwise, I believe that in time to come, Flourish & Prosper will belong solely to the Yans.”

Every word was as sharp as a knife.

She had already spelled out everything clearly, so who would still dare make any noise?

They came to the President’s office to make a din today because they thought that Xuxu and Yan Rusheng’s relationship were still strained. They wanted to win Xuxu over to accuse Yan Rusheng of misconduct.

Who would have expected the matter to turn out the other way?

They had underestimated Xuxu. She had always been cultured and vulnerable-looking; always the polite little lass in the eyes of the elders.

But after the commotion they’ve caused, instead of achieving their aim, they made themselves appear loathsome.

In the end, some left in a huff while others left ashamed and crestfallen.

After sending away those directors, Xuxu went into Yan Rusheng’s office.

After an absence of two months, she stepped in once again. She didn’t have the luxury of time nor was she in the mood to feel rueful. She walked straight to Yan Rusheng’s desk, pulled out the chair, and sat down.