Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 683

Chapter 683 So Dont Tell Him

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She took out her cellphone and dialed Qiao Jian’s number. After a few rings, Qiao Jian answered the call.

Xuxu went straight to the point. “Qiao Jian, who’s the person in charge of the coastal county project?”

The words she had said to the reporters earlier were mostly true. She found out about the coastal county project only after Yan Rusheng signed the contract.

At that time, she was focusing on Chengnan’s project in the capital city. She was clueless about the coastal county project in detail.

Hence, she didn’t have a better understanding of it.

Qiao Jian replied, “Wang Bin. After the incident happened, he immediately disappeared. Until now, we couldn’t locate him.”

This was what Xuxu had expected. Which foolish chap wouldn’t escape after skimping on the job and stinting on materials?

But when she heard the name of the person-in-charge, it gave her a shock!

Wang Bin! He was the person-in-charge of the Eastern Building project in 2008. He had risen to his ranks because of grandmother’s help.

He had remained with Flourish & Prosper for many years and had attained many glorious achievements.

Who would have thought he would commit such mistakes in his old age? This was really unexpected.

If her grandmother was still around, she would be heartbroken.

Xuxu continued asking, “Where did the problem arise?”

Qiao Jian replied, “A two-meter foundation of a building suddenly collapsed, causing an excavator above it to topple over, crushing two people to death. There were also other casualties when the building collapsed.”

Hearing this, Xuxu tightened her grip on the pen in her hand. “How could a foundation collapse?”

This was not a cause of a tawdry built building, but it was definitely an act done on purpose.

As she mulled over this, a trace of coldness shot across her eyes. “I want the information of all the materials suppliers.”

Qiao Jian said, “Lady boss, President Yan doesn’t want you to worry about this matter. Leave everything to him to settle.”

At the mentioned of Yan Rusheng’s name, Xuxu asked with concern, “How is he now?”

“The police are investigating the matter, and there’s currently no conclusion.”

The police were still investigating, which meant he was still being held up at the police station.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows in anger. “Where did he have his dinner last night, and with whom did he dine with? What are the academic standings of those students and how well are they doing? Search them up for me.”

She finished speaking in one breath, spelling out each instruction distinctively and coherently.

After pausing briefly, she continued, “I’ll arrive at about 4 p.m. today. Please gather and prepare all the information that I need.”

It startled Qiao Jian and asked, “Lady boss, you’re coming over?”

Xuxu replied firmly, “Yes.”

Qiao Jian sounded worried. “The journey is long and arduous, and the traffic here is bad. President Yan will never agree for you to come over.”

Xuxu smiled and calmly replied, “So, don’t tell him.”

After ending the call, she crossed her arms and leaned back against the chair, frowning and deep in thoughts.

The building foundation collapsed…

Jerry-built to this extent, how was it possible?

Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something. She swiftly opened the second drawer of the desk and took out Yan Rusheng’s laptop.

She switched it on and launched his WeChat.

“Senior Official Mu, I am Wen Xuxu, the wife of Yan Rusheng. I need your help on some matters.”

After sending out the text, she was caught by surprise that a reply instantly came.

“Sister-in-law, what happened?”

As Xuxu was slow in her typing, she sent out a voice message instead. “Yan Rusheng encountered some trouble, and perhaps you’ve found out about it on the internet. I need your help by checking someone’s bank account information and call records for the last few months.”